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Action is being taken to make the village better prepared to deal with any future occurrence of a villager collapsing with a heart attack. Read below what is being planned .....

'Thank you for saving my husband's life'

'Thank goodness for the defibrillator too!', she writes

Stancey Coughlan believes the fast response of 'some amazing people' saved the life of her husband, Oliver, when he suffered a major heart attack outside their house in Bishop Monkton on Saturday morning.

She writes:

'I would like to thank all the people who contributed towards saving my husband Oliver's life from the bottom of my heart.

Oliver collapsed outside our house (Dene Cottage) after suffering a major heart attack on Saturday morning. If it wasn't  for the fast response of some amazing people (some villagers and some not) he wouldn't be with us today.

Thank goodness for the defibrillator too (as shown in picture above)We all hoped it would never be used, especially on a thirty- something year old!

Oliver is doing well and Finley and I can't wait to have him home.

Much love and with deepest gratitude,

Stancey Coughlan'.


Hoping to acquire 2nd defibrillator

An Extraordinary Meeting of Bishop Monkton Parish Council will discuss the need for an additional  defibrillator to be acquired for the village.

The move follows the recent incident when a Bishop Monkton man suffered a major heart attack in the village and use of the village's only other public defibrillator, sited at the Village Hall,  almost certainly saved his life.

It is now thought that to have another defibrillator sited somewhere in the centre of the village would help us cope better with any similar incidents in the future.

The Extraordinary Meeting of the Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 21 at 6 15pm and will come ahead of the Open Parish Meeting which starts at 7pm.


Let's use this as a wake-up call

Gerald Shervington, Chairman of the Village Hall & Playing Field Committee, has written this open letter to suggest that now is the time to do more to be ready to face another heart attack incident in the village:

Dear Editor - I was shocked to hear that Oliver Coughlin, a very healthy and active 30 odd year old, had had a massive heart attack in the middle of the village. I was also delighted to learn that the Village Hall defibrillator was used to great effect and actually helped to save his life. This is the first time the defibrillator has been used in the two years since we had it installed.
Is now not time to ask ‘Should we have more than one machine in the village,  possibly an additional two units, one at each public house? And  shouldn't we also invite more villagers to join the village's First Responder team (Bishop Monkton Life Savers)?
Whilst we hope the defibrillators  are never used it would be comforting to know that we would be well covered in the event of another such incident.
Villagers will be pleased to know that the defibrillator used is back in its box outside the Village Hall and that the battery packs have been replaced, the unit been checked over and is back in a ready to use condition.
Following this incident, we have decided to run a refresher course in the use and operation of the defibrillator. This course, lasting approximately two hours, will be taken by Dave Jones of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Those attending  will learn what a heart attack is and why a defibrillation unit will help. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR or heart massage) whilst very useful has a low success rate of approximately 15%. whereas a defibrillator's success rate is 90%.
The Village Hall will be paying for this course and is therefore free to attendees. At the end of it YOU WILL be able to use the machine and YOU WILL be able to save a life.  -  Gerald

Details of  the course, the time and date and how to apply to attend, will be published shortly on this website and on village noticeboards.


Demonstration of defibrillator usage

Before the start of the Open Parish Meeting on Wednesday, March 21, there will be a brief demonstration of how the defibrillator works, and how easy it is to use, even for people with no prior training.

The demo will be given by David Banks, a member of the village's Bishop Monkton Life Savers team, and his aim will be to allay any fears/worries people may have about using a defibrillator in an emergency.


Come and join us!

The frightening heart attack incident at the weekend should make us all aware that this sort of thing could happen to any one of us, young or old, at any time.

For more than five years the village has maintained a team of First Responders to deal with just this sort of thing. We called them Bishop Monkton Life Savers.

Sadly the team is now at its lowest ebb, with just three very dedicated individuals left to keep the show on the road. This is tough and demanding for them, and it means there are inevitably  gaps in the month without cover despite their very best endeavours.  With a few more in the team we could do so much better.

Now, with the recent incident in mind, we appeal again for more villagers to consider joining our team.  If you do, it could be you who could save a life in the future. Is this something perhaps YOU could do for your community?

Interested to hear more? Then call Richard Field (tel. 677795) or Alison or Peter Holley (tel 677854).


Other news

Honouring those who fought and died in the Great War 

During the First World War five men from Bishop Monkton left the village to fight and never returned. 
This November, the centenary of the end of the Great War, our country, county, towns and villages will find different ways to remember and honour the fallen. The many special events will include a nationwide chain of burning beacons, mass displays of poppies, the placement of iconic silhouettes and special services. In Bishop Monkton it would be fitting if we could mark the occasion in our own special way.  One possible suggestion is that we should create our own silhouette or silhouettes to honour the village’s fallen, which should be displayed at a prominent location or locations in the village at and around Remembrance Day. Glenda Hunter, a member of the Local History Group, has been invited by the Parish Council to talk about the silhouette idea at the Open Parish Meeting on Wednesday, March 21 . However, for the idea to flourish and move forward strong support of villagers would be needed. So, do you think  this idea is one worth considering, or do you have any other suggestions? Is there anyone in the village who would be willing to undertake, advise or help in the creation of such a silhouette or silhouettes, or be part of a working party to take this idea forward? Your views are important. Please send them and any offers of help to Glenda  on 676795 or e-mail Margaret Mason at

Now go to NEWS/Silhouette Project.


Looking for a new Chairman

David Banks, who has done an excellent job setting up and leading the Bishop Monkton Local History Group over the past 18 months, has now stepped down from the role because of other commitments. This leaves a vacancy for a new Chairman because the existing committee believe the group now needs ‘new blood’ to inspire it to undertake new challenges and identify further research projects to be undertaken. If you have an interest in local history and believe you could fill this role, please contact either Glenda Hunter on 676795 or e-mail Margaret Mason on

Now go to LOCAL HISTORY GROUP/Warm tribute.

Also go to NEWS/Silhouette Project.


Little Egret spotted!

Telephones were buzzing recently when a local birdwatcher spotted a Little Egret near the village. So here's a challenge for them: who'll be first to get a photo of a little egret (and not a big one!) near here. Send picture/s to


Neigh So Bad were so good!

The fourth Annual Easy Peasy Quiz Supper was held at the Village Hall where 15 teams fought it out to be named this year’s champions.  After a closely fought contest (three points separated the first six teams) Neigh So Bad were crowned the winners on 89 points.  The evening was great fun and raised approximately £720 to be split between Bishop Monkton Primary School and St John’s Church.

For longer report go to NEWS/Quiz.


Youth Club marks 5th birthday

CELEBRATION TIME: Members of the Bishop Monkton Methodist Youth Club are this week celebrating their fifth anniversary. The highly successful club was formed five years ago and is run  by David Arundell and numerous willing adult helpers.The kids think their club is great and queue up to attend each Friday evening session.

Now go to YOUTH PAGES/Youth Club news.


Poppies to honour 1914-18 fallen

BISHOP MONKTON STITCHERS are busy making hundreds of poppies as part of a community project to decorate the centre of Ripon with poppies around this year's Remembrance Day, which also marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the 1914-18 War.

Go to PICTURES/Picture of the Month.

For Report and more pictures go to NEWS/Poppy Project.



RECENT NEWS ITEMS (click on photo for more)
  • Edna Steele

    A fitting tribute to Edna Steele who died only months after he death oif her husband John. They had lived in Bishop Monkton since 1940 and will be sadly missed.

  • Flashback to 2005

    Thirteen years ago, on 29 January 2005, our then new Village Hall was opened and a huge crowd packed the hall to watch proceedings. Were you there and can you spot yourself in this picture?

  • Cinderella

    Months of hard work by those involved paid off handsomely at this year's pantomime, Cinderella, with four packed houses enjoying every moment. Congratulations to all both on stage and behind the scenes.

  • Chris in control

    Chris Higgins played a leading role at this year's panto, Cinderella. He was in control of all the lighting, sound and special effects - the first time all these had been handled by a single person. A flawless performance!

  • Cinderella 2005

    The recent Cinderlla brought back memories for some of us of the Cinderella staged in 2005 as the first stage show held at the then new Village Hall. It was a show which almost didn't happen!

  • Well read group

    Members of Bishop Monkton Book Group at their annual lunch, this year at The Inn, South Stainley. As usual they exchanged books and recipients will report back on their read at the summer picnic.

  • Another good year

    Gerald Shervington reports on another successful and eventful year at the Village Hall and Playing Fields at its AGM.. With him are Lesley Shervington (Secretary) and Mervyn Beecroft (Treasurer)..

  • Beck clearance

    A lobster and a car number plate were among the items recovered from the beck in the annual clean up of the waters by 20 doughty volunteers today. Roger Baker wishes to thank  all the volunteers for their efforts.

  • Auction raises £2,500

    Auctioneer Richard Houseman in action at the Autumn Auction at The Lamb & Flag. The event raised a staggering £2,447 which will be spent on improvements at the Village Hall.

  • 20 Questions

    Our new Parish Priest, The Revd. Sheila Murray, kindly agreed to answer 20 questions we put to her about herself as a way of quickly getting better known to parishioners and villagers. Here you can read her answers.


Recognise these gents?

They appeared on stage in an early BMEG production and are among four flashback pictures in this week's Down Memory Lane feature.

Dog poo causes quite a stink!

The old problem has re-emerged  of dog walkers allowing their dogs to mess on our pavements without making any attempt to remove it.

Martin Shaw, who has provided the above illustration, writes:
'I wonder if the website could draw attention to the increased problem of dog poo in the village.  We live in St. John's Road and three times this week an obviously large dog has deposited its poo on the pavement outside our house. We have put up a suitable warning notice but my wife and I are not sure that by itself this will be the answer. There are also other pavements in the village where there have been similar occurrences.  I believe that fouling of the pavements is a prosecutable offence and it would be helpful if you could remind dog owners of this'.
If anyone else has views send them via GUESTBOOK. See reply.
Memorial service
A Memorial Service for Edna and John Steele, who both died within months of each other, will be held at Bishop Monkton Methodist Church at 11am on Wednesday, March 21.
Start of croquet
The new croquet season will open on Sunday, April 21 following a lunch at The Masons Arms.
For fixture dates go to CROQUET CLUB/Calendar 2018
New-look magazine
Bishop Monkton has a new-look Parish Magazine and to mark the launch copies of the March issue went to every house in the Parish - nearly 400 copies! The main change in the new magazine is the use of full colour, and the Joint Editors, Pip Garside and Sue Short, have received good feedback.
For fuller report go to NEWS/new look magazine.
Neighbourhood Watch
Is the Neighbourhood Watch still up and running in Bishop Monkton? Someone has asked us this question, and we don't know the answer. If you know, and if it is still operational in the village, please let us know who is the contact, and we will pass this on to the enquirer. Answers please to EditorBMToday@
First walk of season
The Walking Group’s first outing of the season will take place on Wednesday, April 11.. It is a circular walk from Burton Leonard via Copgrove and South Stainley covering about 6 ½ miles. Meet on the bridge opposite the school at 10.30 am. BYO picnic lunch. Please ring Martin or Kathryn Bethel on 676691 with numbers for transport. 

Waste collections resume

The first garden waste collection of the the year will be during w/c Monday , March 19. Over Easter collection days may be earlier on later than normal. To check your collection day go to my area

Open Parish Meeting
The Open Parish Meeting will he held at the Village Hall  on Wednesday, March 21 starting at 7pm.
It will follow an Extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council at 6 15pm.
The Open Meeting will give villagers a chance to hear about work undertaken by the Parish Council in the past year and also about plans for the coming year.
Among other items due to be discussed are results of the Village Survey.
Everyone in the village is welcome to attend.
Classical music invitation
The Bishop Monkton Classical Music Group is a small group which meets each month on a Friday evening to listen to a concert of classical music lasting just under two hours. Each month the music is chosen by a different member of the group. If you would like to come along to one of their concerts with a view to possibly becoming a member, please contact Keith Jennings (676977) or John Hague (677276) for details of dates and programmes.
In Memoriam
When the death of a villager occurs, the family may wish to contact us if they wish us initially to publish details of the death, perhaps with details of the day, time and venue of the funeral.
They may also opt for a longer follow-up tribute to be added to our In Memoriam column, which provides a lasting reminder of an individual.
Entries in either will, of course, only be published after having received permission from the immediate family of the deceased.
Aid for Madagascar
Bishop Monkton Methodists have raised £238 to support a charity in Madagascar which provides new schools and teachers in the east of the country. A visiting speaker talked about the work of the charity at the most recent Spud and Pud lunch.
For more go to METHODIST CHURCH/news and events.

District Local Plan
Harrogate Borough Council has prepared the publication version of the Harrogate District Local Plan and is now seeking views and support before submitting it to the Government.. Your views would be welcomed.
Go to NEWS/District Local Plan.
Looking for leader

The First Bishop Monkton Scout Group, currently meeting at Burton Leonard, is now looking for a Leader for the Beavers ( 6-8 year olds)  meeting on a Friday evening, and for other adults able and willing to help.
The Rev. Paul Harford, who has run the Beavers recently, has said he would like to start a Scout Troop in the autumn. He would like to pass over the Beavers at the end of this term but would help the Leader through the summer.
Enquiries/offers to Elena Foster, the Cub Leader (tel. 07951346703) or
Programme for 2018
The Garden Club has a busy programme ahead in 2018 with many speakers, visits and other events planned - and more to come.
For a sneak preview go to GARDENING CLUB/Programme for 2018.

Photo reminder
If you are sending photographs for inclusion on this website please only send them as jpegs in landscape format.  If sent in portrait format they will not reproduce properly. Please reduce the size of each image so none exceeds 10 MB.Thanks!


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