Getting us those important 'extras'

Serving the community

Apart from its routine business the Parish Council gets involved in various activities in support of the community. Recent examples are shown below:

 Getting us a Christmas tree

Because the usual Christmas tree could not be used this year, it was decided a smaller tree should be planted alongside it to take its place this year. Councillor Stephen Verrill (pictured left) took it upon himself to organise the 20 foot tree, transport it to the chosen site and then help plant it.

 Getting us a defibrillator

After the recent collapse of a villager stricken with a heart attack with his life being saved by the use of a defibrillator, it was decided it was important to have a second defibrillator in the village.  With a donation of £600 from Gwyn Sagar and the support of the Parish Council and the Village Hall & Playing Field Committee, one was purchased and is now sited at the Mason's Arms ready to be put to use if and when any new emergency that may occur.

Getting us a bus shelter

Villagers who use the 36 Bus to get to Harrogate or beyond long wished there could be a bus shelter on the A61 at the top of Moor Road. After pressure from the Parish Council led by Councillor Stephen Verrill one has now been erected there.