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Held on Wednesday 29th March 2017 @ 7.00PM
In the Bishop Monkton Village Hall

The Chairman of the Bishop Monkton Annual Parish Meeting was Cllr Jane Fowler, Chairman
of the Bishop Monkton Parish Council. She was assisted by David Taylor, Clerk to the Bishop
Monkton Parish Council.

1. Cllr Fowler welcomed those present to the meeting and introduced David Taylor,
newly appointed Clerk and Cllr Ben Cairns, newly elected Councillor to the Parish
Council. There were 47 members of the public in attendance.

2. Minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true and correct record of the
Annual Parish Meeting held on 21st March 2016. The motion to approve the
minutes was proposed by Mr Ken Barker and seconded by Cllr Emma Oates, both
from the floor.

3. Cllr Fowler gave her report, the main points of which were as follows:
a. The Bishop Monkton Parish Council has seen some major changes in the last
twelve months. 4 Councillors decided that they would not stand for reelection,
and of the newly elected councillors, some felt that the role was not
for them and stood down. In addition, there has been a change of Clerk.
b. The Parish Council has introduced a formal 15-minute public participation
session that takes place prior to each meeting of the Parish Council.
c. The Transparency Code has come into force resulting in greater information
and records being posted on the Parish Council website. This will be ongoing.
d. The standing orders and codes of conduct for the Parish Council have been
revised and updated in order to make them compliant with current legislation
and are now also on the website.
e. The post box opposite the school has been retained.
f. The telephone box that was outside the Mechanics Institute is to be
g. There is now a bin for dog-poo on Ings Lane that is emptied weekly.
h. Assisted by North Yorkshire County Council, more public footpaths are being
renovated and returned to use.
i. The income for the Parish Council is mainly derived from the Parish precept.
j. The precept has been increased by 2% in order to reflect increased costs that
are passed down from both District and County councils, such as grass
k. There are various proposals for expenditure priorities in the coming year. The
Parish Council intends to conduct a survey of the Parish in order to find out
which of the proposals appeal the most.

4. Councillor Ian Galloway, District Councillor from Harrogate Borough Council
reported to the meeting as follows:
a. There will be changes in the future at Harrogate Borough Council; 2018 will
bring all ward and parish elections. The number of district seats will fall from
54 to 40.
b. The ward for Bishop Monkton will become Bishop Monkton & Newby Ward.
c. The main reasons given in favour of changing were:
i. Reduced costs
ii. Improved democratic accountability
iii. Increased voter turnout
Draft Local Plan

5. Consultation continues with 20,000 replies so far.

6. There will be defined areas including defined areas in support of development.

7. There will have to be a 5 year supply of housing.

8. There have been 2,507 houses built in the last 3 years with 4,914 houses being
given planning permission. This means that there is a shortfall and HBC are

9. He expressed concern as to whether sewage infrastructure would be able to cope
across the district and what provision would have to be made to meet increased

10. Utilities companies would have to make arrangements with developers. Concerns
have already been raised in this regard.

11. Specific to Bishop Monkton, he noted that there are also ongoing concerns
regarding storm water runoff. He suggested that pressure should be put on
developers to provide underground flood alleviation as part of planning

12. He noted specifically that the three sites in Bishop Monkton set aside in the Local
plan would discharge their run off into the Beck.

13. He stressed that people could still write or email their comments on the Local

14. Councillor Michael Harrison, Lower Nidderdale and Bishop Monkton division
of North Yorkshire County Council reported to the meeting as follows:
a. Introduction: He has been a County Councillor for the last 4 years. His
Council Division, Lower Nidderdale and Bishop Monkton, stretches from the
north of Beckwithshaw to Ripon and to Warsill.
b. The last 4 years have been dominated by the impact of austerity.
c. From 2011 through to 2019 – a £500m budget has been reduced by £169 to
£331 – a 34% reduction. This cannot be done without impacting front line
d. Almost all his casework is highways related- but there is so much more to
NYCC such as, (topically) Tadcaster bridge, Avian Flu etc.

e. With regards to Highways: addressing requests will take longer, NYCC aren't
repairing everything as in the past, but continue to report problems, but
everything will be inspected.
f. But: NYCC Highways are constantly looking to a better use of money.
g. Gritting rural routes will be protected.
h. There is more money coming in from central government for potholes etc.
NYCC in General
i. With regards to NYCC in general they spend 42% of the budget on social
care; They are nationally recognised for social care standards.
j. They are committed to safeguarding and prevention services such as START.
k. Allerton Park Waste Recovery plant.
l. Superfast Broadband - 95% of premises by 2019.
m. Protecting bus services where possible.
n. Flood prevention, prioritise premises, in addition to catchment work proven to
work at Pickering.
Cllr Harrison finished by saying that it must be very easy to be a politician when
there is money, it is hard when there is not, but NYCC will be stronger in the
end. His term ends in May, he intends to stand again, so I will ask you for your
support in May.

15. Mr David Banks from the Bishop Monkton Local History Group reported
on the formation of the group.

a. It is a history and conservation group.
b. The first meeting was in January 2017, there were 40 attendees and a
committee has been formed.
c. The Group intends to research:
i. Village shops, subs and houses,
ii. Recollections by living people,
iii. The first Parish Council meeting on 4th Dec. 1894
iv. The Bishop's Palace site.

16. The group intends to seek funding and support from the Parish Council and the
Village Hall.

17. Steven Brook Chief Executive and Angela Aldis, Operations Manager of
Harrogate Housing Association and Jenny Wood of Harrogate Borough
Council, made a presentation entitled ”Affordable Housing Process and Criteria”
This presentation highlighted the work of Harrogate Housing Association and the
meaning and practicalities of Affordable Housing. Further details of Harrogate
Housing Association can be found at

18. In her closing address to the meeting Cllr Fowler said: :
a. That the Open Meeting has been an informative meeting.
b. She invited those present to give their e-mail addresses to the Clerk in order
to form a village email address database with could be used to circulate news
from the Parish Council.

19. The meeting closed at 8:40pm

These minutes are in draft form only and will not be classed as officially recorded minutes until ratified at the next meeting of the Bishop Monkton Parish Council.


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