Methodist news

Christingle Service - Sunday 1st December

To start our Advent Celebrations a delightful Christingle Service was led by the Rev. Ruth Parry who challenged us all to look forward to the coming of Jesus and marvel in his world.

God’s world of many wonders and many problems that Jesus came to save and to give hope to its people. We shared the meaning of the Christingle and delighted in ‘Spreading the Light’ as we lit the candles till the church glowed with warmth and hope.

During the after service coffee we were surprised to be told that this year’s Christingle Service was the latest in over 20 years of us starting Advent in this way with this hopeful and reflective service 

  Spud & Pud Lunch - on Monday November 18th

A record 50 tickets were sold for this event and we were again treated to some very nice spuds and fillings, followed by delicious puddings. The event raised £353 (incl. some additional donations) for the TASC Madacascar charity that supports a school in Madacascar.

A very big thank you must go to all who supported the Lunch and also go to those who donated the food and to the team of workers who prepared and delivered the lunch. In particular to Angie Archbold who led and co-ordinated the team.


Thanks for all who contributed to Food Bank

The Church would like to thank all those who contributed to the Harvest Sunday Collection of tinned and packed food for our local Food Bank.


£500 raised for Jenny Ruth Workshops 

This year’s Summer Lunch organised by the Bishop Monkton. Methodist Church on Monday August 5, and widely supported by the village, raised the sum of £500 in support of the Jenny Ruth Workshops.

Fifty people sat down to a very tempting array of food for the first course, representing the best of Yorkshire. The puddings that followed were delightful and are a great credit to the volunteers who made and donated them to this good cause.

The Bishop Monkton Methodist Church especially wishes to thank those who came along and supported the lunch as well as those who, when unable to be there on the day, gave a donation to the event.

Finally, thanks must go to those who set up the room, laid tables, washed up and vacuumed, without these people events like this are not possible.