Down memory Lane

Our village over the years

In a remarkable community project some 50 long-term villagers are meeting in small informal groups to sit down and reminisce about Bishop Monkton of years ago. Their conversations are being recorded, and then edited versions, plus illustrations, will form part of a new Village Archive. This novel exercise is one of the projects being undertaken by the newly-formed Bishop Monkton Local History Group

Below are pictures of the groups which have taken part so far:

Angie Archbold, Margaret Simpson, Margaret Lodge,
Elizabeth Wilkinson and
 Florence Bowes.

Ken Barker,  Mike Short, Ken Needham,
Martin Minett, Phyl Jones, Jennifer Barker
and Basil Birchall.

David Simpson, Alan Chishem, Steve Blaken,
John Simpson, Alan Johnson and Ron Wilkinson.

Clare Royds, Vera Rhodes, Richard Field (interviewer),
Sheila Robinson, Lesley and John Taylor.

        GROUP 7
Florence Bowes, Margaret Lodge,

Pauline Beecroft and Sheila Parsons.

Mervyn Beecroft, Trevor and Carole Pawson.
Pauline  Beecroft (host), Florence Bowes

and Margaret Lodge.


    GROUP 8   Rodney Wilson and Netta Park reminisce about the old days. Isobel Wilson also took part.


(Another group meeting has taken place but no photo is available for publication. Those taking part were Sue Hargreaves, John Moon, Morag Gray, Richard Waddington and John & Christine Feeny).

 Further group photographs will be added as meeting are completed.


At a later stage villagers will be given a chance to hear these remarkable recordings which provide fascinating memories of residents who have lived here 30, 40, 50, 60 and one even almost 80 years. Watch out for announcements on this website!