Total Lunar Eclipse

It was worth getting up early today to see something like this .....

This is what we were told to expect .....

Chris Higgins, our village astonomer, tells us that certain parts of the world will witness a long duration total eclipse and we are directly in the path in Bishop Monkton. 

The moment of total eclipse is at 05:13 low in the Western sky. The eclipse is visible commencing from about 03:15am. 

The Moon will gradually turn red as the Earth blocks the Sun and our atmosphere diffracts just the red light onto the Moon’s surface. Depending upon atmospheric conditions and volcanic activity the colour could be anything from orange to almost black. 

This is the last time for some years that a total eclipse occurs in UK skies. Currently the forecast is clear. Hopefully a great photo opportunity. If it is clear Chris will open his observatory for the early phases.

Did you catch part this dramatic process and get a photo of it? . Please send your best images to and some will be published on this site.