An invitation to take up table tennis

Apply today while a few vacancies exist

THE HUGE POPULARITY of the Bishop Monkton Table Tennis Club is one of the village's big success stories. Today is has almost 100 members playing each week of the year in eight different groups - having fun and keeping healthy. But there is one disappointment - only 16 of the the membership come from the village. Now plans are in hand to get more villagers involved and tell them what they are missing!

Most of us have played table tennis at some stage, perhaps  at home or on holiday or even not since school days, but fancy the idea of trying our hand again. Well, this is your opportunity!

The campaign to get more village members got off to a good start at an open session on Saturday, January 20  when, despite the weather, some villagers turned out - and all are expected to beclome members.

In addition to continuing campaign to get more villagers involved, we will also pleased to receive applciations from those who live outside the village.

So the opportunity is there to join us - and see what you've been missing!

Interested? Phone Richard on 01765 677795 or Martin on 01765 677521.