The Silhouette Project explained

How we might honour the village men who died in the Great War


Never to be Forgotten 

Without a past, a country can have no future. As cities, towns and villages up and down the country prepare to mark 100 years since the end of World War 1 and remember those young men who never returned, or who did come home but with terrible scars, it is important that present generations take steps to ensure historical records are handed down into the years still to come. 

We must never forget those who gave their lives in these conflicts, both then and now. Remembered is the official centenary commemoration for the end of the war reminding people of all ages of the slaughter of 888,246 British and Commonwealth citizens during WW1, inspired by the enormous impact of the There But Not There installation in Penshurst Church in Kent over the Remembrance period of 2016. 

Five men from Bishop Monkton did not return from the war and to place these evocative silhouettes around the village would help in honouring their ultimate sacrifice. So simple yet they say so much. 

Research has been undertaken into the lives of the men of the village who never returned home and some of this is currently kept in the church and has been published on this website, but it would be a touching project to remember them again in 2018, in this anniversary year. 

The village does have a thriving Local History Group, which was re-started in 2017 and which has already carried out some interesting and productive research, including a brief paper on the impact of the Black Death as well as continuing work on the village's mills, shops and pubs. 

There are many villagers who have personal memories to share and some of these have already been recorded. Old village photographs are held on file which always prove to be  of the most interesting at any meeting. Visit to County Council archives are often productive and lead to further avenues of research. 

However, the Group now needs a new Chairman and a few more committee members. The Silhouette Project, should it get off the ground, would be a strong base for a refocussed and re-energised group. Do you have an interest in history and would like to have an input into the work of the group as well as learning more about the history of your village, including the impact of the First World War? 

The Chairman would not necessarily have to carry out personal research, he or she could have more of a co-ordinating role, including collating the ongoing projects, ensuring the focus and progress of the group, liaising with other village organisations, particularly important for the Silhouette Project as well as overseeing the archiving and indexing of records.

 If you would like to know more about either the History Group or the Silhouette Campaign contact either Margaret Mason by email or Glenda Hunter by phone 676795. They would be delighted to hear from you.