Produce Show

Our many talented residents show
what they can do!

The Produce and Art Show gives villagers a chance every two show what they can grow, bake, embroider, draw, paint and sets various other challenges.

And once again on Sunday at the Village Hall we saw evidence of how good they are at all these skills!

This year’s show comprised 92 classes which were nearly all keenly contested with the Overall Winner being Ken Barker who won awards for fruit, and vegetables as well as winning the  Best Vegetable Garden competition.

Prizes for the Best Flower and Best Vegetable Garden were presented by Colin Hunter, Chairman of
Bishop Monkton’s flourishing Gardening Club


The main winners were:

Best flower garden: Ron Wilkinson (left)
Best Vegetable Garden: Ken Barker (right)

In the Produce Show the prizes were presented by Chris Proctor who congratulated all the winners and,
those who had attended the show to admire the handiwork of fellow villagers.

He also thanked those who had worked with him, and the various local sponsors who had donated draw prizes.

Chris was in turn thanked by Ken Barker for his hard work in organising successful shows during the past few

The main winners were:
Fruit -Ken Barker
Vegetables - Ken Barker
Flowers--Val Williams
Pot plants--Pauline Beecroft
Floral art--Susan Stead
Photography--Keith Mullins
Art--1st equal  Kathryn Bethel--Anne Bettridge--Sheila Murray
Handicraft--Anne Bettridge
Produce--Pauline Beecroft

--Ken Barker

Young people
Primary School--painting--1st Isabella Hall
Cupcakes under 11--1st equal Thomas and Alex Giles
Cupcake under 18--1st Phoebe Dudley
Colour photo under 18--1st Phoebe Dudley

(For full list of first prize winners go to bottom of this page).

This year’s show was the last for Chris Procter as organiser. He has organised this big event on four or more occasions and once again has been well supported by a team of dedicated volunteers.  Next year someone else will be at the helm.

One of the surprise exhibits in this year’s show came from Bishop Monkton Stitchers who produced an incredibly
intricate work of art depicting collections of fruits and vegetables. Members of the group embarked in secret on this special project immediately after finishing a mammoth project in which they produced over 1,000 embroidered poppies which will form part of a huge display in Ripon to mark this year’s Remembrance Day which is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1. ‘The entry was absolutely stunning’, commented one visitor..

The next show will be held in 2020.  Time to start think about what you’ll enter then, villagers



Winners of first prizes in the Show

Here is a list of those who won first prizes at the Show (sorry we do not have the space to list second and third prize winners): 

1.  12 raspberries: Jane Taplin
2.  3 dessert/eating apples: David Arundell
3.  3 cooking apples: David Arundell
4.  5 stone fruit: Ken Barker
5.  1 plate any other fruit: Ken Barker
7.  3 onions, dressed: John Taylor
8.  6 shallots, dressed: Ron Wilkinson
9.  6 runner beans: Ken Barker
10 6 French beans: David Arundell
11. 3 beetroots: David Arundell
12. 3 courgettes: Ken Barker
13. l cabbage: Ken Barker
15. Any other vegetable:Ron Wilkinson
16, 3 sticks rhubarb: Ken Barker
18, 1 cucumber: Jen Barker
19, 6 tomatoes: Ken Barker
20,.1 beefsteak tomato: David Arundell
21,.9 cherry tomatoes: Harvey and Charlotte Bigg
22, 3 leeks: John Taylor
24, 1 marrow: Ron Wilkinson
25, Longest runner bean: Harvey and Charlotte Bigg
26, Heaviest onion: John Taylor
27, Heaviest marrow: Ken Barker
29: Vase of herbs:Christine Feeny


32, 1 vase of 3 roses, dissimilar:  Val Williams
33, 1 vase of 3 roses, clusters/floribunda: Colin Hunter
34, 1 single hybrid tea rose: Val Williams
35, 1 vase of hellenium, 5 stems:  Chris Procter
37, 1 vase of cosmos, 5 stems: Angie Archbold
39, 1 vase of sweet peas, 6 stems: Jen Barker
44,  1 vase of mixed perennials: Anne Bettridge 
47, 1 vase of flowers, same colour, different flowers:  Anne Bettridge
49, 1 cactus, succulent:  Pauline Beecroft
51, 1 foliage pot plant: M Salmon
53, A Royal celebration: Susan Stead
54, New Arrival: Olga Wardell
55, Tea Time:  Susan Stead
56, A Jug of Colour: Susan Stead

57, A sporting scene:  Andrew Murray
58, A wildlife photograph:  Keith Mullins
59, A landscape:  Jen Barker
60, A person or people:  Gloria Baker
61, Fruits and/or flowers: Neil Bray
A garden: Anne Bettridge

63, Drawing, medium or mixed media: Kathryn Bethel
64, painting,.medium or mixed media: 
Ann Bettridge

65, A knitted hat: Ruth Martin
66, A piece of crochet work:  Anne Bettridge
67, Embroidery of own design:  Jane Taplin
68, A bag, any medium:  Anne Bettridge
69, Article of felt work:  Anne Bettridge
70, A tea cosy: Anne Bettridge
71, A pin cushion:  Anne Bettridge
72,  Item of woodwork, metalwork or pottery: Gordon Harrod

73, Jar of raspberry jam:  Jean Procter
74,  Jar of redcurrrant jelly: Elizabeth Wilkinson
75, Jar of marmalade:  Christine Feeny
76, Jar of lemon curd: Phoebe Dudley
77, Jar of chutney:  Christine Wood
78, bottle of fruit liqueur: Christine Feeny
79,  Closed apple pie: Sue Short
80, 5 flapjacks: Lesley Taylor
81,  Bakewell tart: Christine Geraghty
82, 4 fruit scones: Colin Hunter
83,  4 cheese scones: John Archbold
84, 3 ginger nuts: Colin Hunter
85, 3 Shrewsbury biscuits:  Anne Bettridge
86, Carrot cake: Anne Bettridge
87, Brown and white bread rolls: Colin Hunter
88, Ginger cake (men only) Steve Simpson