Ripon - Harrogate rail link

Re-instatement plan hits the buffers

Phil Goodier writes:

''I’m delighted that common sense has prevailed and the plan to  spend £20,000 of taxpayers’ money on a feasibility study for re-instating the  Ripon to Harrogate rail link has been abandoned. 

 It worries me that this got as far as it did – and that nostalgia and (dare I say it!) a few people who are train enthusiasts managed to even get this on the agenda. There is an excellent bus service between Ripon and Harrogate – with buses which do not run full and run at a much higher frequency than a train service would.  If there is a demand for greater public transport capacity between Ripon and Harrogate, why aren’t the buses full?  And what would the train service do other than deliver passengers onto a painfully slow existing service to Leeds which is badly in need of investment?
A more sensible debate would be to talk about using the railway line for leisure use – it would be a wonderful link into the cycleway at Ripley which connects into Harrogate and Knaresborough and would not impact on any of the residents in Littlethorpe as it could divert around their homes on the road, perhaps using a protected path.  It would also have the potential to bring more visitors into Bishop Monkton.  

I do have an interest here – I live by the railway bridge and own a long section of the embankment which I would be willing to grant access to at no cost for such a scheme.  Selfishly I would quite like to see and hear trains passing – but feel that a cycle / walkway could do much more for our community.  I would be interested to know what people think''.'