Pet Blessing Service

The day our Church was taken
over by our four legged friends



On Sunday the congregation at our Parish Church was swollen by newcomers with a difference – all had four legs and did a lot of tail wagging.

Yes, this was the Pet Blessing Service which we half expect might mean the Church being turned into something between Noah’s Ark and London Zoo – but on the day it turned out to be more like Crufts!

The many dogs in attendance were amazingly well-behaved - no fights or bites, and very little barking or disorder.. Most settled down happily lying under or beside the pews and some lying on comfortable tartan rugs!

Apart from the dogs the other species represented were a caged hamster and framed pictures of two cats, with
Judy Hague’s Frodo sending apologies and saying he was too shy to join in.

Slightly disappointing. One hymn suggested there might be a welcome for snakes and scaly lizards, llamas and
alpacas |(well there are some at the top of the road), dolphins and turtles (obviously coming by way of the beck), parrots and budgies (well one visitor from Australia has a budgie but forgot to pack him) and, if these were too
exotic, bumble bees, wasps and even greenfly would suffice..

Before the service The Rev. Sheila admitted being slightly apprehensive that there might be snakes slithering under the pews, but her concern was misplaced - not a single snake or scaly lizard or stick insect or spider in sight.

Of course the service had a serious message with The Rev. Sheila reminding us that all God’s creatures were
precious and to be loved as part of the wonderful world in which we live.


Unconditional love comes from God much in the way that pets have unconditional love for their owners, she said.

The Rev. Sheila, who led the service with great empathy, did a walkabout during the service chatting to the owners about their pets and having a few words with them too.

Everyone enjoyed the service and all suggested (no demanded) that it should become a regular annual event
at the Church.

Next time maybe there might be the odd llama, scaly lizard, dolphin or talking parrot (to be turned off during the service like a mobile phone) but please no snakes!

Some of those who attended the service ......