Hog Roast Day 2018

A perfect day of fun and pleasure

not to forget the whopping £2,450 it raised for Village Hall funds ....

Gerald Shervington reports on a day which not only provided villagers and visitors with a perfect way to spent a sunny Bank Holiday Monday but it was an event which also raised a whopping £2,450 for Village Hall funds.


Well what a day! Sunday, the day before, whilst very warm was also windy. But on Monday the sun was out and the wind had dropped, it was an absolutely perfect day.

As you know preparations started approximately six months ago with a dedicated team of villagers meeting each month to plan the days activities.

The pig was collected on the Sunday by Steve Simpson and me and stored over night in one of Alan Johnson’s barns. For those who like numbers; this year we had a 6 legged, 4 shouldered pig weighing approximately 120kgs! I’m told this breed of pig is very fast on its feet!

As normal the oven containing the pig was lighted at 6am by Richard, Mervyn, Tony and myself with a planned serving time of 3pm. The oven actually went out sometime between 6 and 7am but Richard Houseman, who was on checking duty, was on hand to re-light! Phew!

The ‘Monkton Muscle’ turned up at 9am sharp and the main area event area was set-up. This year we used all of the plastic tables and 50 or so chairs, there were gazebos erected and the music was set up in Glen and Alisha’s garden. After approximately 90 minutes we were all set and ready to go, another quick look at the pig to make sure all was ok then off home for a quick shower and change of clothes.

As ever Angie Archbold ‘had the mike’ and opened up the day bang on 12 noon. The first event of the 2018 Hog Roast was the ever popular ‘pig race’ run by Stancy and her girls. This year the pigs had names such as Peppa Pig, Grunter and one was Lewis HAMilton. it was all very exciting down on the ‘course’ with lots of children shouting for their pigs.

There was a book stall run by Barbara Birchall, David’s model train set, the popular cake stall ran by Susan and Rebecca, Peter and Jane Taplin’s trains at Beck n' Bridge, Richard’s games across the beck, a fire engine, Lesley’s ‘tea rooms’ in the Methodist Chapel, Lucky Squares ran by David and Carol, Steve Simpson’s Tombola that had some brilliant prizes, count the sweets in the jar, a Salsa dancing master class by Matt and Claire and, of course, the traditional duck races managed as always by Steve, Emma, Tom and Katie.

As previously mentioned it was a very warm (hot) day and both pubs were packed with customers both inside and out quenching their thirst.

At about 3pm a queue started to form snaking its way down Main Street toward the Lamb and Flag, obviously people had smelt that the pig was ready. Mervyn, Richard, the two Paulines, Pam, Steve, David, Carol and Oliver then started to serve the appropriately delicious sandwiches to the waiting hoards.

Will Smith of Stray FM, who visited us on the day, then presented the winners of the duck races and Lucky Squares with their prizes.

Whilst the purpose of the day is to raise money for the Village Hall, it is also imperative that everyone has a good time and I think this year was exceptional. The grand sum raised for the hall this year was an eye watering £2,450 but the real winner once again was Bishop Monkton’s community spirit

Finally, this event would not be possible if it wasn’t for a small dedicated number of villagers who baked a cake, donated a prize, ran a stall or gave their time freely to ensure that a fun day was had by all. I am not going to name them here, but our thanks once again must go to them.

All in all I think it was a very successful day for the village in general,so roll on next year,Hog Roast number 24......

Pictures recall a happy day for the village....

Richard and Mervyn make sure the hog is cooked to perfection and ready to satisfy hungry customers who don't mind making  a pig of themselves!

Little piggies ready for the popular pig races.
They're off. Who'll be first across the line?

Now it's the turn for the ducks to race. 

Crowds cheer on their chosen duck. 

Potty about a potty! 

Enjoying a day out. 
 Enterprising youngsters make slime to sell on their stand.  Selling like not hot cakes  ... but  like cold slime!

Visitors try their skill at games over the beck.

Meating the 3pm deadline!

Stancy gets in a bumper order! 
Out for a duck!
In line for a spot of Salsa!

- - - - - - - - 

Thanks to Basil Birchall and David Banks for the above photos.