Open Parish Meeting 2018

A year of achievements by main village organisations


Bishop Monkton Parish Council

To provide village with a second defibrillator

In her report to the Open Parish Meeting Emma Oates said the past 12 months has been an interesting time for the Parish Council and personally for her, new in the post as Chair, it had been a fascinating learning curve.

She said: 'Our meetings take place around once every six weeks where we continue to have a 15 minute public participation session at the beginning of each meeting and we adhere strictly to our code of conduct, standing orders and transparency code at all times, in accordance with current legislation.

The Parish Council have carried out the following tasks during the past year;       
  • We have replaced three of the old wooden notice boards (on Boroughbridge Road, outside the Mechanics Institute and along Knaresborough Road) with more modern ones which have a glass case and are more durable and which do not involve pins!
  • The grit bins have been filled and the grit bin which was destroyed by the developers on St John’s Way has been replaced (at the developer’s expense).  
  • A new site to store the village sand bags (currently stored at Church Farm) has been identified, namely on the grass by the ford, under the willow trees. We felt that this is a more central location and they will be more easily accessed should the floods arrive.   
We are now responsible for testing and installing the Christmas tree lights. The funding and installation for this has always previously been met by HBC but last year they withdrew this service as they deemed it too expensive. Thanks to a great team effort, we managed to get both the testing and the installation done without charge and we are grateful to everyone involved as this saved the parish around £500
We have been happy to financially support the Burial Ground, Ripon CAB, BM Luncheon Club,  the upkeep of the flower beds at the entrances to the village, cleaning of the war memorial, and village beck cleaning and we have resolved that these will all be supported going forward.

During the year we have maintained a good open relationship with Kebbell Homes as the development on the village hall site progresses. As a result of the response to the village survey, we are in consultation with Kebbell to see if they can assist financially in the provision of a bus shelter on the A61 towards Harrogate.   In any case, the
Parish Council has resolved that the provision of this is something which we are going to pursue.

In light of very recent events, we have also resolved that we should provide a second village defibrillator to be housed in a more central position within the village. David Banks would  shortly demonstrate how to use the defibrillator.

I would like to draw your attention to the forthcoming ward and parish elections which take place on May 3. David Taylor has election forms should anyone wish to stand for the Parish Council.

Finally I would like to thank Ian Galloway (District Councillor), Michael Harrison (County Councillor) David Taylor, our Clerk and all fellow Parish Councillors for all their hard work, help and support over the last 12 months'.


Village Hall & QE2 Playing Field

Highlights and notable achievements 

The Village Hall defibrillator - a life saver.

Gerald Shervington, Chairman of the Village Hall and Playing Field Committee, summarised the highlights and notable achievements of 2017/18 so far.

Fund Raising
The annual Hog Roast took place on Monday, May 29, and  managed to generate over £2,200 for the Hall, coupled with that we also managed to raise over £2,247 from the annual autumn auction. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking all who attended and bought items and also Trevor and Carol for once again hosting this event. It’s interesting to note that over the past 20 odd years Trevor, Carol and the regulars of The Lamb & Flag have generated over £81,000 towards the upkeep of the Village Hall.


Bowls continue to prosper with over 40 playing members. The men won the Dalesman League for the fifth successive year and also won the mixed triples Bateson League for the third time.

BMEG had a busy year with sing-a-long film shows of Mamma Mia and TheSound of Music together
with a very enjoyable performance of Cinderella in February. 

Croquet:  Last year marked the 10th anniversary of Croquet in Bishop Monkton and a special programme was laid on to mark the occasion. David Widdison, one of the club members who incidentally learnt to play his croquet at our club, was picked to play for England

Table Tennis: continues to thrive with 100 members playing pretty much every day and this year presented the Village Hall Committee with a cheque for £5,500 as part of their annual subscription to the Hall.

Cricket: Our ground was picked to host the main Nidderdale League Knockout Cup Final, this is a very
prestigious event in the cricket calendar and was attended by over 200 spectators who witnessed a very exciting cup final. Whilst the day did not raise much in terms of revenue, it would have certainly raised the image and statue of our club and facilities with our visitors, one of which was really impressed by a certain Sir Robert Ingelby.

Kebbell Development
The Kebbell Homes site is now well and truly under construction and I understand that it will be complete and fully occupied sometime in 2018. We continue to work closely with the management of Kebbell Homes and by way of thanks, they have promised us various enhancements to our current facility This is on top of approximately £30,000 commuted sums that we will have access to once the site is developed.

Our expenditure in 2016-17 was £15,567 this was offset by an income from our grounds and hall rentals together with affiliated club income of £19,818 and as a consequence leaves us with a healthy bank balance going forward. As part of our due diligence we had our facility valued for insurance purposes and we were pleasantly surprised to find it was valued at more than £1.4m.

Quite possibly the greatest and most notable achievement didn’t actually happen last year, but the year before when the Village Hall Committee together with The Parish Council made the decision to purchase a defibrillator and as we are all probably aware the unit was used for the first time to save a villager's life only 11 days ago.
I now understand that there are to be discussions regarding the possibility of purchasing additional units to ensure that our village is better covered. On our side, the Village Hall management team are committed to supplying additional training for those villagers who would like to know how the machine works and quite possibly join Bishop Monkton Life Savers.

Planned events 2018/19
Hog Roast – Monday, May 28.
Autumn Auction – October, exact date to be confirmed.
Additional Defibrillator Training – to be confirmed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alan Wigby, Bob Upton, Mike Jackson and John Binns for their incredible hard work and dedication in maintaining playing fields and surrounding grounds, Lesley Shervington as Bookings Co-ordinator and Village Hall Secretary and also Mervyn Beecroft for his role as our Treasurer.
And finally, to all those too numerous to mention, who help make this Village Hall and QEII Field the best in Yorkshire.