Game inventor pitches for funding

Hazel braves the Dragons' Den

We hope you saw the "must see TV show" on Sunday – Dragon’s Den on BBC 2 at 8pm. Must see because  Hazel Roberts, eldest daughter of Lucy Cottrell of Bishop Monkton, was there pitching for funding for a card game she has invented.

Hazel, 28, who attended Bishop Monkton School and then Ripon Grammar School and appeared in various BMEG productions, became a full-time game designer almost by chance.

One Christmas she dreamed up a card game as a way of luring her sister, Rose, then 12, away from her iPad, inventing a game which involved acting, drawing and describing silly random identities, and it was so good she was persuaded to sell it commercially and the game, named Randomise, has since sold well over 35,000 sets.

Last year Randomise was one of the best selling card games in the country and Hazel now employs a team of three employees with a turnover of around £200,000 a year.

The game now sells in France, Spain Germany and the United States. It has in fact been so successful that her husband Chris has given up his job to become creative director of her company.

Hazel’s appearance on Dragons' Den is her latest bid to grow the business further. A lot of her friends in Bishop Monkton will have tuned in on Sunday to see if she gets backing from the Dragons!

UP AGAINST IT: Some of the Dragons Hazel confronted.

Four of the Dragons complimented Hazel on her success so far but had some reservations about the future.  She did however receive an offer from Dragon Jenny Campbell but after consideration and a little negotiating she still decided to decline it as Jenny wanted too large a share in her business.