Complaint from village dog walker gets positive response

About the manure which has been littering our lanes 

Ings Lane - a popular route for dog walkers.

Dog walker Carole Minett, who has been walking the lanes of Bishop Monkton for 45 years, has written a letter of complaint to a local firm whose laden tractors are dropping pig manure where she and her dog walk and which is spoiling her pleasure and making her dog ill. She believes a number of other dog walkers are worried by the same problem. The good news is that Carole has now received a reassuring response from the people involved saying something will be done to improve things.

Carole's letter reads:

For the attention of the Farming Manager.

Dear Sir/Madam

I live in Bishop Monkton and walk my dog twice daily up Mains Lane and Ings Lane, as do many other people.  However, at the moment I can only walk my dog, Blue, on a very tight short lead, otherwise he dashes from one pile of manure to the next gobbling up as much as he can, only later to have diarrhoea.. 

At least six other dog walkers that I have spoken to have the same problem with their dogs - I have no doubt there will be more.

At present it seems your tractors are moving trailer loads of the pig manure from up at Blakens Farm, down Mains Lane, through the village and then up Ings Lane to pile it up in various fields.  The trailers are  highly laden and due to the unevenness of the lanes lots of the manure bounces up and off the trailers onto the lanes and verges

.I have been dog walking in the village for 45 years and have never before encountered this problem in the lanes. Is this progress?

We have our lovely lanes with public footpaths/bridlepaths for the enjoyment and use of all and I would like to politely ask you, to in turn, ask your tractor drivers to only fill the trailers level with the top at most and to make sure, before setting off that there isn't a lot of manure hanging on the sides. Also, travelling at a slower speed would help - they do rather hurtle along!

This would only take a minute or two but would make such a big difference to we other lane users. At the moment I am having to take my dog in the car elsewhere to have a walk/run off the lead. This of course is not very environmentally friendly or convenient. I trust you can help in this matter. I have no intention of being confrontational.

(signed) Carole V Minett

And now the good news ......

Carole has now received a positive response from the Farm Manager at Moor Farm and to quote from it: "The farm staff have been and cleared all of the manure from the lanes and have been instructed not to overfill the trailers and travel at a slower speed. I trust that this will now solve the problem for you and other dog walkers."
A very satisfactory outcome she hopes though doubts if "all" of the manure will be cleared!