Raising money for Street Child

A trip with special meaning 

for Paul and Katie

Katie finishing the Brussels half marathon. 

Next she will be running the same distance in Sierra Leone.

Paul and Katie Wade are visiting Sierra Leone, West Africa, at the end of May with two aims in mind. The first is an intensely personal one for Paul.

He explains: ‘It is 60 years since my parents set sail from Southampton to Freetown, to spend five years living and working in Sierra Leone. I guess you could probably describe them as early aid workers – my father was a 
Methodist minister and my Mum a midwife – they gave everything they had to their work there, before returning home to the North East in 1964.

I was born there in 1961, the year of Sierra Leone’s independence. Since then, the country has been through the most terrible civil war, which left it as the poorest country in the world and then suffered from an Ebola outbreak in 2014 that was to kill 4,000 people in that country alone.’

Paul and Katie’s second objective is to raise money for Street Child – a charity that helps children into education in some of the world’s toughest places, and which once a year organises a marathon through the Sierra Leone jungle as an awareness building and fundraising operation. Katie is running the half marathon, Paul will be one of the support staff.

’I ran my first half marathon in Brussels last autumn in almost sub-zero temperatures,’ says Katie. ‘Climatically and geographically this is likely to be at the other end of the scale and therefore a very different proposition. I’m excited but terrified!’

'Obviously it is going to be a trip of huge personal significance for me. Sadly my Dad died when he was in his mid-30s and my Mum is now 83, so with both personal connections and memories, it promises to be an emotional trip for everyone involved.

However, having covered all of the costs and financial obligations of the trip ourselves and with family help, it seemed obvious that we should give other people the opportunity to support this wonderful charity if they wish. It will help some of the poorest kids in the world to achieve their dream of going to school and, also, after all these years, my Mum will be tickled pink!’

To find out more about Street Child, please call Paul on 07979 401957 or visit their website. If you would like to make a Donation, please visit their Everyday Hero giving page by Clicking Here