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Posted by Richard Houseman on 28/05/2019

Just to say congratulations to the organisers of the 2019 Hog Roast Day - a real success judged by how little of the hog was left and how many people were about. Nice to see members of the Parish Council there also!

Posted by Heidi Ayliffe on 09/05/2019

How about placing mirrors on the junction of the crossroads so approaching cars can be seen?

Posted by Peter Clark on 26/04/2019

I agree with the idea of a roundabout and a 20 mph speed limit. Somebody suggested rumble strips but we have lived next to these and the noise they create is a nightmare. Here. enough is enough. How many tragedies do we need before something is done?

Posted by Editor on 26/04/2019   Email

Thank you Alison for your e-mail. Yes, you make a good point about it being the council which makes the decision. It is, of course, our intention to draw attention to the views expressed on the website to the relevant council/s in the hope they do something about the problem.

Posted by Alison Auchterlonie on 25/04/2019   Email

Great to see villagers putting forward ideas of possible solutions to the traffic situation in the village. The website is a good place to discuss ideas and garner support. However villagers need to remember to also address concerns to the council as it is the council that make the decision.

Posted by Susan Stead on 24/04/2019   Email

Either a roundabout or STOP signs up, with appropriate road markings.

Posted by Ken Nelson on 24/04/2019

I wholeheartedly support the suggestion that the existing 30 mph limit should be reduced to 20 mph This shows a duty of care The lower the speed of impact the lower the damage in collision situations I would like traffic light control at the Knaresborough Road / Hungate Junction A mini roundabout would be a hazard for emergency services. tractor trailer, buses, milk tankers , fuel tankers cattle taxis and combine harvesters! In these modern times, when there is an incident on the A61 sat nav users are diverted towards this junction. The existing village roads follow centuries old pack horse/ horse and cart routes. I am of the opinion that an unfortunate death of a horse will have more clout in improving the traffic control rather than the injuries to persons that has happened over recent years

Posted by Ian Favell on 24/04/2019

Following up on other Bishop Monkton resident contributions with regards to the poor visibility at the junction of Knaresborough Road and Moor Road.I believe that rumble strips on Knaresborough Road would be the most practical solution along with parking restrictions for x meters from the junction on all four roads leading from the junction and a speed limit of 20 mph through the village. Whilst on the topic of speeding vehicles through our village I believe that sleeping police men or rubble strips should also be installed as vehicles enter and leave our village along Boroughbridge Road, slowing traffic down would reduce the potential of an accident (which is waiting to happen on the bends) and save our verges which are being destroyed from being driven on as speeding vehicles try to pass each other.

Posted by Carol Wells on 24/04/2019

How about 3 or 4 sleeping policemen right across the roads on all approaches to the cross roads, ie Hungate, Knaresborough Road and Moor Road ?

Posted by Jonathan Pimley on 23/04/2019

A roundabout instead of a crossroads is a good idea. A further speed-reducing measure further towards the church would slow traffic approaching the roundabout from that direction, making it safer still.

Posted by Chris Bagnall on 23/04/2019   Email

The bad accident at the Hungate crossroads last week confirms that itis time for action to make the village safer. More building around that junction has made it even more difficult to get clear views. It's going to keep happening unless something is changed. A mini roundabout sounds like a good solution

Posted by Stephanie Lonsdale on 23/04/2019   Email

I agree with Valerie Williams - sleeping policemen may be the answer. It's all very well reducing the speed from 30 to 20, but not everyone abides by that rule, we have to take into account people who don't, and take serious preventative methods.

Posted by Angie Archbold on 22/04/2019

I agree with all the comments below. Something need doing before there is a fatality! Goodness knows what trauma the people who are always first on the scene go through. Enough is enough something needs to be done urgently!

Posted by Richard Harper on 21/04/2019

Regarding the dangerous crossroads at the top of Hungate. I think a good solution would be to make the Hungate/Moor Road direction an offset or staggered Junction making the exit from Moor Road further towards Knaresborough and blocking off the existing junction at the bottom of Moor Road.This would allow more distance to see traffic coming from Ripon. It would prevent the distracted driver not stopping when going across Knaresborough Road without stopping. By compulsory purchase of land from the field or insisting on new development including an improved safer junction, this dangerous problem could be resolved. The mini roundabout should be included to slow down the Knareborough Road traffic. This could all be achieved with minimum disruption using this land earmarked for development. Richard Harper

Posted by Bob Upton on 20/04/2019

I would agree with the opinion expressed by John Binns that there needs to be a mini roundabout/ speed table at the crossroads with a 20mph limit along Knaresbrough Road. However, I would ask why 20 mph just along Knaresbrough road, why not the whole village? I would have thought residents in Lawnfield, Butterfield Close and Renton Close see vehicles coming into the village from Roecliffe along that straight stretch travelling over 30mph. I have been given to understand that a speed table is planned for the junction of Knaresbrough Road and Harvest View. I really cannot see how this will help the situation at the crossroads. Come on Bishop Monkton residents let your voices be heard.

Posted by John Binns on 20/04/2019

I think a mini roundabout could help with the problem at the crossroads. However, I have a concern about the speed of traffic on Knaresborough Road in both directions. Exiting Melrose Road onto Knaresborough Road is often quite hazardous due to the speed of oncoming vehicles travelling north. In fact, a good number of Melrose Road users choose to exit via Meadowcroft Road where the sight line is better. I would expect users exiting from St. John's Road are suffering a similar problem. My suggestion would be a reduction of the current speed limit between the approach to St. John's and the approach to the Village Hall from 30mph to 20 mph and ideally to include a mini roundabout.

Posted by David Banks on 19/04/2019

Two mini-roundabouts, one at the x roads and the other at the top of St Johns Road and Knaresborough Road are needed to force drivers and cyclists to yield to traffic.

Posted by David Banks on 19/04/2019

Two mini-roundabouts, one at the x roads and the other at the top of St Johns Road and Knaresborough Road are needed to force drivers and cyclists to yield to traffic.

Posted by Basil Birchall on 19/04/2019   Email

I agree with the small roundabout at the dangerous crossing.However I remember some years ago travelling from west Sussex to East Sussex late afternoon thro various villages.The speed signs where 30 mph were permanent suddenly flashed up SLOW DOWN twice.Certainly affected me !

Posted by A Whincup on 18/04/2019

Would it be a sensible step be to change the signs on Hungate Lane and the opposite road to Stop instead of Give Way and have road markings the same.

Posted by Valerie Williams on 17/04/2019

If not a roundabout, another alternative might be rumble strips (known as sleeping policemen) or road humps.

Posted by The Jacksons on 16/04/2019

We would just like to give our support to the idea suggested by Sheila of having a mini roundabout at the crossroads. This would be a cheap and effective way of minimising the potential for accidents, which can only increase as the village continues to expand.

Posted by Sheila Parsons on 13/04/2019   Email

Now a serious accident has happened on the dangerous village crossroads it must be time that something is done about it. It is impossible to see what is happening on the road when approaching them. Maybe a small roundabout.?

Posted by Jo Watts on 01/03/2019   Email

Many years ago, I knew Unity Hield when we were both studying at Harrogate College of Art. I'm American, now in the USA and am planning a visit to Yorkshire next month. I would love to know if Unity is still there. I would love to visit.

Posted by Richard Houseman on 21/01/2019

Lunar Eclipse: I am glad Chris Higgins is the B.M.Astronomer -for his wonderful pictures posted today !!.I took a couple of shots with my i-phone @ 05:15 up Moor Road -they were ,as expected -pathetic ! BUT just as amazing ,was the size of the moon after it was all over @ about 07:30 - about 30,000 miles closer to us than normal. Richard Houseman

Posted by liz dudley on 31/12/2018

Just want to say a huge thankyou to the First responder Service this village offers, never thought we would need it but last night we did and the lovely chappie who came out was so calming and sensitive and incredibly professional until the ambulance arrived, im just really sorry i cant remember his name, but please pass on my thanks and if possible let me know who he was so we can thank him properly . Huge thankyou once again x ,made a horrid situation abit easier to deal with, and a HUGE thanks and shout out to Phoebe although being incredibly scared was calm, did exactly as i asked her and looked after Chloe too , she is incredible x

Posted by Overend on 08/12/2018   Email

we were reminiscing today. Remembering Ray Hare., a local builder. Lived in Celray Cottage (now Crispin Cottage) on St Johns Road.I am certain he built the houses on Lawnfield Drive...? But I cannot remember who did the barn conversions at the back of Melrose House?

Posted by Valerie Williams on 06/11/2018   Email

How I would love to help Helen Bagnall in her quest to keep the hedgehogs alive and well fed - and I have tried - but can anyone tell me how I can prevent the rabbits from thinking I'm inviting them in to feast on my plants? The last time I tried my rear garden resembled Watership Down and sadly not a hedgehog in sight!

Posted by liz dudley on 25/10/2018

Hi, I would just like to say THANKYOU very much to all the villager's who have left apples etc up at St John's Church and around the village...Little Chloe and myself have loved plodding round seeing what we can take and use up, its great to know being generous nothing is going to waste. we have taken some apples a few times now and she loves coming home and sitting in the kitchen helping me make crumbles and pies etc, and to keep the sharing going we have passed on alot of baking to family and friends as a result xx Thankyou again, just another of the many reasons we love living in the village !

Posted by Carol Pawson on 11/10/2018

Well done Leslie and her helpers for raising £450. at the Macmillan coffee morning Sorry I couldn't be there this year

Posted by Villager on 08/09/2018

Congratulations to Chris Procter and his band of volunteers who have put on yet another great Produce Show. One suggestion. Would it be possible tp publish the names of all the winners on the village website. Everyone would be interested to see who won what, instead of just the cup winners.

Posted by liz dudley on 03/09/2018

Would love to say a HUGE thankyou for all responsible for the produce show, this was the first time Family Dudley entered after seeing the flyer Phoebe like me loves to cook and bake and she is very artistic, even got her dad Pete to enter the men only ginger cake. Delighted to get second in the carrot cake for me, 2nd for pete in ginger cake and so so thrilled for Phoebe who for first time entering got 1st prize for Lemon Curd along with other prizes, she also came home with two shields. She is thrilled and its done her confidence the world of good. She is an amazing girl and incredible big sister to Chloe as you all know has massive complex medical needs. Yesterday was all about Phoebe for once and im so proud of her, She as do we cant wait for the next show, !! Thankyou again everyone x you should all be very very proud !

Posted by Pandora Heap on 29/08/2018

A huge thankyou to Gwynn for her generous donation towards a second village defibrillator. I too hope it never has to be used but it will be reassuring to know there is one at both ends of the village.

Posted by Pandora Heap on 26/08/2018

A huge thankyou to Gwynn for her generous contribution towards the buying of a new defibrillator for the village. Like Gwynn I sincerely hope it never has to be used but it is reassuring to know there will be one at each end of the village.

Posted by liz dudley on 13/08/2018

Just a thought on the next produce show.. what about a sunflower growing competition for the children ? Only asking as my two have grown them from seed and somehow we have them at over 10ft tall ! Just thought as they are very easy to grow generally and dont need much attention it could be a new category for the kiddies ??

Posted by Carole V Minett on 05/08/2018

I remember your husband's Aunt, Marjorie Whitaker very well. She was a very petite, dainty lady and I used to chat to her when dog walking up Mains Lane. One dog she had was a papillon and the other later one was a big white chow-chow. A very nice lady

Posted by liz dudle on 28/07/2018

No problem with people having a good time but please, if you are planning to still have music blasting at 10pm , could you warn us first, renton fest fine, disruption to parking no ! if an ambulance needed to get to anyone down here they cant ! My disabled daughter cant sleep.. abit of notice would have been nice.No issue with people having fun but you have to be respectful to your neighbours and clearly you havent.parking rediculous ! nothing getting through and its 10.15 and music still blasting till god knows what time.Anyone there who wants to to a night shift with little miss feel free to let me know

Posted by Vicky whitaker on 16/07/2018   Email

Hi I was just wondering if anyone remember 's a lady called Marjorie whitaker she passed away around 1997 she was my dad's aunty

Posted by liz dudley on 15/07/2018

Hi could anyone help with recipe for produce show ?? first time entering and dont want to go wrong, the Shrewsbury Biscuit class doesnt have a recipe, can you use your own as when ive looked it up there are so many variations, does this matter or do i stick with plain recipe ? Thankyou if anyone can help me on this one .

Posted by Sheila Parsons on 05/07/2018

May I thank the person or persons who have cut the grass in the church burial ground. They have done a wonderful job and to see the ground looking good is great for those of us who have loved ones buried there.

Posted by Beatrice Atkinson on 04/07/2018   Email

Hi, There has been a man on a bike carrying a big duffel bag on his back and hanging around St-John's Crescent, the church and hiding in the church yard, looking at gardens and through house windows. We noticed him this evening looking round for about an hour round 9 pm. I've reported it to the police. It may be worth passing the information through the website to be vigilant and lock doors.

Posted by Zillah Horner on 30/06/2018

What a pity that the Chairman of the village playing fields should have to write what was recently written(re dog owners).We should all be considerate to the needs of others but the world is fast spinning on a selfish axis.

Posted by Peter Robinson on 15/06/2018   Email

Hi, after looking at the Bishop Monkton today website I noticed you have lots of Volunteers that clear out the beck every year. Can I ask, has the village ever flooded? Particularly high up near the church. Thanks Peter

Posted by Keith N on 19/03/2018

As a regular visitor to family in Bishop Monkton I enter the village from the Garden Centre road. At the crossroads I go straight over towards the village centre. I am surely not the only one to wonder how on earth the new building just on the left has been allowed to be constructed. There was never a great view to the left but now there is practically none so you head across the crossroads with your fingers crossed and just hope that nothing is coming. You can see no further than 50 yards and this is a major accident waiting to happen. Did anyone actually check the plans?

Posted by Andrew Kinnear on 16/03/2018

Dog Poo - I totally agree with the last post. As a regular dog walker I have never witnessed someone walking away without clearing up! Perhaps all dogs to be kept on a lead might help a little bit? Owners never seem to be near their dogs and therefore may not know when their dog has performed!

Posted by A Bishop Monkton resident on 14/03/2018

I sympathise with Mr Shaw regarding the dog poo outside his house but I know from experience that trying to report an offender is far from easy. I was informed by Harrogate D.C. Dog Warden that before doing so one must have photographic evidence of the offence actually being committed! These disgusting anti-social people are smart enough to ensure they are not detected. There are plenty of notices in the village telling people to clean up after their pets but I fear these are only 'preaching to the converted'.

Posted by Horner on 10/03/2018

What has happened to week 8 in the series of pantomimes of long ago ?

Posted by Sara Collinson on 01/02/2018   Email

I have found a set of keys, house, car keys and a Morrisons card along with a Masons loyally card. They were found 1/02/18 at 9.45 on the track going towards Ashbrooke Farm.

Posted by Elisa on 05/01/2018   Email

Hi - we are moving to Bishop Monkton on the next month or so and I'm wondering which provider offers the best broadband / tv package in the village?

Posted by liz dudley on 07/12/2017

Hi , just wondering if the carol singers are around this year ?? If so what date and time and could you please head to 21 renton close and sing for Chloe ? We have a suprise if you guys do and as always will do mince pies, mulled wine and treats for any children xxx Much love and best wishes X

Posted by Julia Charnley on 21/11/2017   Email

I've recently moved to Bishop Monkton (loving it apart from still no phoneline after 4 weeks!) and I have 3 kids at University. My eldest has just mentioned he'd like to come home over Christmas and find a job locally. I'm not sure if this is the right place to be asking for advice on this but I'd really be grateful for any suggestions you might have. Thank you- Julia X

Posted by Simon Horner on 10/10/2017

Dear editor, I wonder how many of our village Bishop Monkton today readers, realise that we have had a fish and chip van visit the village for the last three years.? Jackie and Gavin, park outside school from 6.10-7pm on Thursday nights throughout the year. Have a look sometime and enjoy a good chat while you wait Simon Horner

Posted by Liz Dudley on 01/09/2017

Thank you for sharing our garden photo, can't wait to start decorating for all the children in the village and adults alike for Halloween. And Christmas !, the village support for Chloe and Phoebe will never be forgotten and anything we can do to return the thanks , we will always do, xx

Posted by Zillah Horner on 22/08/2017

There are a lot of pages on Bishop Monkton today.As many are not being used frequently perhaps a cull is order?

Posted by Pandora Heap on 02/06/2017

What another fantastic day the Hogroast sounds to have been this year. Unfortunately I was unable to go due to other commitments but the reports on this website have made good reading . Very well done to Gerald not only for stepping up to the plate in the crash car demo but also for the excellent - and especially in the case of the crash car - sometimes humorous and very informative reports. I just hope I can be there amongst the fun next year.

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 04/03/2017   Email

Quick update - just had a leaflet through the door from Ben Cairns. Well done that man.

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 04/03/2017   Email

Well said Richard. None of the three candidates are known to me despite having lived here for 32 years! I was wondering why I should vote when I know nothing of their virtues, or otherwise. I am a firm believer in using our vote which was fought for by so many, but on this occasion was floundering. Time is running out!

Posted by Andrew Kinnear on 10/02/2017

I do miss reading the minutes of the Parish Council meetings. Are they no longer up dated on BMCa today or the Parish Council's web site?

Posted by Sam Waddington on 23/01/2017

Before local riders start throwing their horse's excrement at my parents' front door, I'd just like to clarify that the below views are not those of Sam Waddington who used to live on Main Street. I now live in London, and frankly, I'd probably be overjoyed to see a horse 'splattering numerous areas' as a nice reminder of home.

Posted by S. Waddington on 17/01/2017

I am surprised having spend the last 2 weeks stepping over horse droppings on the pavement, and watching the school children either jump or parade through it, that the culprit's owner has not been round to collect the large, and yes natural droppings. I am sure the rider was aware of the noise if not the muscle contraction of the horse as they splattered numerous areas in the vicinity! With all the posters for 'Pick up your dog doo' maybe there should be an alternative one for 'hounding out any horse heaps!' Hope the kids wipe their feet before venturing to sit on the floor they walk over in school!

Posted by Richard Mann on 12/01/2017   Email

I used to work in Ripon and lived in Knaresborough and I know the area well and also many of the people in the area. Although I have lived in Canada many years I still miss the area and my many friends. Consequently I find your web site very interesting.

Posted by Pamela Harland on 01/01/2017

New Years Eve a key was found in the middle of the road outside Lesley and Gerald Shervingtons we will hand this over to Trevor and Carol at The Lamb and Flag so it can be given back to the rightful owner .....

Posted by Pandora Heap on 15/12/2016

Having just had lunch at the Mason's Arms I feel I have to put right what I'm sure is a completely innocent untruth on this website. I saw this visit as my opportunity to buy an In The Buff calander and therefore make my donation to a very worthwhile cause. I was very surprised to be told that the Mason's Arms have never had these calendars to sell. Apparently they were approached but nothing ever came of it. Now I am hoping I will still be able to get one at the Lamb and Flag sometime soon.

Posted by Liz Dudley on 12/12/2016   Email

Hi, I am so so pleased to see the carol singers are heading out again on Monday. Please if possible could you head to our house in Renton Close ( you cant miss us ) and sing a song for Chloe. She has been ill recently and wont be able to come with you out and about. I will gladly provide a warming drink and treats to set you on your way. Also gladly donate to your cause. Hopefully see you on Monday. Many thanks All our love, Liz and Chloe Dudley

Posted by liz dudley on 16/11/2016

Hi, i was just wondering if there is any village carol singing this year ? If so does anyone know date and time ? If there is please could you pop to renton and sing for my Chloe, she adores it, i will as always do mince pies, juice, cake and mulled wine if anyone is out singing x Chloe has loved her little visits for a sing song over the years and im aware it didnt happen last year ? Many thanks Liz xx

Posted by Sheila Parsons on 20/10/2016

I would like to thank the volunteers who cut the grass in the churchyard. I know David Arundall is one of them but I don't know who else is doing it. You are doing a great job and I dread to think what it would be like there if you didn't do it. Thank you again

Posted by Pandora Heap on 15/09/2016

The lead article Lightening Storm on the front page of this website mentions that there was no thunder that evening , which I believe was Tuesday evening, around the Bishop Monkton area. I heard plenty of thunder around 10pm.

Posted by daran walker on 14/09/2016   Email

Hello..i would like to get a photo of the RAF crash memorial which I believe is in your hall.. When would be the best time to visit please.

Posted by Roger Edwards on 08/08/2016

My thanks to the Croquet Club for making me so welcome during my impromptu visit last Sunday. I enjoyed the games and was very impressed with your lovely level lawns. If you ever visit Llandudno, be sure to visit the Craig-y-Don Croquet Club where you will find friendly players and a definitely unlevel lawn demonstrating the hills and valleys of Wales! Roger Edwards

Posted by liz dudley on 14/06/2016

Hi and huge thankyou to everyone for looking out for Hazel, great news she has managed to venture home ! Very skinny and sorry for herself but is home safe and sound. Many thanks, her owners are delighted and want to thank everyone for keeping an eye out, goodness knows where she has been but she is home xx

Posted by Sara Collinson on 10/06/2016   Email

A sad day. We received a letter from Harrogate Planners today regarding the new Windows in the Old School House. Someone has 'complained' to the planners about the Windows. Why didn't they simply talk to us about their concerns? Thanks very much and 'cheers'!

Posted by Ruth Martin on 24/05/2016

Any chance the green chairs could be made lighter? Very hard work for ladies setting up for meetings etc,,,,,, and of course clearing away afterwards........ Regards Ruth Martin

Posted by Zillah Horner on 14/05/2016

We have had few comments in this area of BMToday recently. In2008 much work was involved in The BM Conservation Character Appraisal Report.There were many recommendations on how to keep the character of the village intact. With the proliferation of plastic window frames was the survey and its recommendations a waste of time ? See page 21 of said above report. I am hoping the Parish Council will look into this but your comments would be appreciated.

Posted by Andy Wilmer on 11/01/2016

All,I am moving to the village this week with my family and as a passionate footballer I'm keen to see if there's anything we can do to get the football team back up running. Who would be the best person to speak to about this? I'm willing to put in the time and effort to see what can be done. Cheers Andy.

Posted by Dan Wright on 09/01/2016   Email

So who bribed you... Flood prevention measures paying off, complete rubbish! Once again if it was not for the homemade flood boards Fontein Terrace would of flooded. All the culvert does is drain the water away quicker, not prevent flooding, so in my opinion it was a complete waste of money, effort and time. The money would of been better spent providing the villagers proper flood gates at 1\10th of the cost. So if you think that the flood prevention system is working, the next time there is high water I will instruct my inlaws not to put out the flood boards as the Monkton scheme is such a great success. Dan Wright, 2 Fontein Terrace Owner, Bavaria

Posted by Tony Walker on 29/12/2015   Email

Seasons greetings to all. We entertained 18 members of our family to lunch at The Masons on Boxing Day, and very good it was too. During lunch some other patron wondered off with a rather nice black and red golf umbrella that was left in the hallway. As we had a lot of rain I can understand someone borrowing an umbrella and I shall be grateful if it can be returned to the masons for collection as it was a present. If however the person really needs to keep it, then please do so as your need is obviously greater than mine and I shall put its maroon cover in the brolly stand at the Masons and you can have that also. Kind regards. Tony Walker

Posted by chris procter on 28/12/2015   Email

in reply to Vincent,I have booklets of village walks produced by the parish council.Please contact me if you would like one. Chris Procter

Posted by Vincent Ashby-Smith on 18/12/2015

We've just moved into the village and just wondering if anyone could recommend any circular dog walks?

Posted by Andrew Gray on 17/12/2015

For anyone concerned about the risk of flooding in the village, the government publishes data on the level of Bishop Monkton Beck The link to the website is The data they collect is fed into this service once or twice a day under typical conditions. They increase this frequency whenever there's a greater risk of flooding. The Highest level on record: 0.84m on 24 September 2012

Posted by liz dudley on 16/12/2015

Hi all, could anyone please tell me when the village carol singing is this year ?? And please if possible could you come and sing for Chloe as i doubt she will be well enough to join you. if she is ., we will. If not regardless thee will be mulled wine, mince pies etc as usual for you all 21 renton close xx

Posted by Keith Pettitt on 20/11/2015

Zillah has made a good point regarding the telephone box: Roecliffe use theirs as a library.

Posted by Zillah Horner on 15/11/2015

Could the telephone box have a secondary function as a book swop shop?

Posted by Nick Sambidge on 01/11/2015   Email

Burton Leonard is looking into the history of the limekilns in the quarries south of the village. Transport was very difficult until the railways in 1878 at Wormald Green and in Staveley/Copgrove the following year. It is possible that the canal joining Bishop Monkton to the Ure was also used. Does anyone have knowledge of this?

Posted by Hazel wade on 17/10/2015

Has anyone seen my blue plastic box?? We left some apples in it, on the bridge by the Limes farm last weekend and on our return it has disappeared. If anyone knows of its whereabouts then please let us know. A reward will be paid in apples! If anyone wants any more apples then please come round and help yourself from the box under the porch. Many thanks. Hazel wade

Posted by Zillah Horner on 06/09/2015

I thought April fools day was either late or had arrivedp early. What a disappointment that the,not so,gentleman was not alive and kicking.. Who could possibly fit the bill in the village today? Is this a ploy to check if your readers are awake and responsive?

Posted by Paul on 04/09/2015

I remember the coney family when grew up in bm they were Catholics so I think he was buried in bishop Thornton hope this helps John

Posted by John Green on 23/08/2015   Email

Trying to find an Old Soldier that I think is buried in the village his name was George C Cooney ex L/Cpl Royal Engineers. I would be glad of any help PLEASE.

Posted by Linda on 15/08/2015   Email

Where have all those beautiful ducks actually gone? Did anyone find out?

Posted by Pam Brown on 08/07/2015   Email

Has anyone lost a fitness wrist bracelet in the village - one has been found - please email me with description and details Thanks Pam

Posted by Chris Overend on 20/04/2015   Email

Hi from the Overends (well the Lincolnshire branch)Just found out about the BMToday page, what a fab resource and a great way to catch up on 30 odd years of activity since we moved out, sad to see those who have left us but delighted to see those still with us, the Youth Club still going and some of the usual culprits driving life in the village. Miss Yorkshirte very much but we both miss Bishop Monkton too.

Posted by Sean Dennis on 10/03/2015   Email

Hi, I am currently researching my family history and have found that my Ancestors the Dennis family came from Burton Leonard and that we married twice into the Hullha family from Bishop Monkton...the Hullha family lived at the Masons Arms in the 1851 Cencus, i would be interested if any one of that name still lives there...i have visited your lovely village today and will come back soon as i only live in Harrogate.

Posted by Sean Dennis on 03/03/2015   Email

Good name is Sean Dennis and i live in Harrogate, I have been tracing my family tree and can see that my family originated in Burton Leonard but were also connected to the Ullah family in Bishop Monkton. Most of the Dennis family migrated to Otley for work i coming up to Bishop Monkton today to have a walk around then going to walk down into Burton Leonard.

Posted by Pandora Heap on 01/03/2015

Last night's village quiz at the village hall was, in my opinion an excellent event. It was extremely well organised in all areas - my praise and a huge well done go to all concerned. The questions were a good range of subjects and suitable to all age groups. Even the supper was exactly what was advertised - an easy peasy pie and peas. Brilliant. Well done all.

Posted by Richard Cox on 22/02/2015

Hello Bishop Monkton, I'd like to let you all in on a something new. Ripon Community Orchestra has moved from it's traditional rehearsal venue to your delightful village hall. We rehearse Tuesday 7.30 -9.30 during term times and hope to perform our summer concert at the hall in July. The orchestra has grown over the last two years in to a significant ensemble under the guidance of Xen Kelsey who some of you may know as Musical Director of St Cecelia Orchestra. We would be thrilled to welcome any local musicians who are Grade 5 standard upwards to join us in playing anything from traditional classics through to film music. We would also be interested in hearing from local ensembles that might like to join with us in our summer concert. If all this wets your appetite have a look at our website at Please feel free to contact me on Please include the EMAIL at the beginning or you'll upset my namesake in the US!

Posted by zillah horner on 18/02/2015

Last October Richard Houseman warned of thieving sprees and suggested locking our tool sheds. Sensible precaution. However I lost the key and now await a locksmith to pick the lock at some expense. If I am to heed David Furness's warnings I might find myself imprisoned in my own house. The dilemas of living in a wealthy but ageing community are numerous: let us not get too critical of the rights of passage of youth or too unaware of those less fortunate than us.Not sure what I am trying to say:.... probably, aware but keep things in propotion

Posted by David Furness on 16/02/2015

Folks, I'd like to make all villagers aware that in the last 10 days I have encountered three separate incidents of suspicious activity by youths hanging around the area. All have occurred early to late evening. On Saturday 14th February, after hearing a bang at my front door and seeing three youths running off my property, I successfully detained one of them and contacted the Police. Someone may know this youth although the Police confirmed that he was from outside of the village. His story was that they were just out for a laugh and knocking on doors. He appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken away by Police. I would urge all villagers to remain vigilant and if and where possible make sure that they have adequate security on their property, garages, outbuildings and sheds. Kind regards David Furness, Old Mechanics Institute.

Posted by Gerald Shervington on 05/02/2015

On behalf of myself, the Village Hall Committee and all those that use our unique Village Hall, I feel I must write and thank you and your members for the fabulous contribution that the Table Tennis Club have made towards our Village Hall funds. Your contribution will help the Village Hall continue to provide all manner of entertainment, whether it be cricket, football or croquet etc. as well as helping to maintain a facility where community activities are enjoyed almost daily. It's amazing how far you and your club have come. I remember when you asked the village if anyone had a table you could borrow to get the club up and running, then when you had a core of players you then asked the VH committee if they would help out as your members were by then taking it a bit more 'serious'. You have created a very successful and well supported club out of nothing and you should be justifiably proud. Gerald Shervington Chairman BMVHandQEIIPF

Posted by John Jefferson on 15/01/2015

Richard, a short note to say hello, and to let you know how much I enjoyed viewing your pics of elephants bathing in Sri Lanka. Looks like a really special 'jumbo' experience! Are you both still living out of a suitcase, or are you now back in North Yorkshire, taking it easy before embarking on your next escapade? Note, I am still keeping tabs on your excellent website! Have a great year. Warmest regards to you both. John

Posted by Zillah Horner on 07/01/2015

Living next to the school does give me a lot of opportunity to view the comings and goings of vehicles at school times. I would like the Parish Council to consider and discuss the use of a oneway traffic system round the centre of the village, mainly as a safety measure.

Posted by Hacked Off on 23/12/2014

Recently we received a large bill for massive over-usage of our allotted broadband allowance. After a lengthy time on the 'phone with BT, it transpired that someone had managed to hack into our system. It might be useful for people to keep an eye on their broadband usage to make sure they are not victims of this unneighbourly behaviour. It may now seem that broadband usage is being wrongly analysed by BT! Anyway, something is amiss. The chaps is India are not admitting this, so far. Hacked Off (name and address supplied)

Posted by Simon and Zillah on 24/11/2014

Thank you to all who were involved in the BMEG evening in the village hall on Friday. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Posted by Kevin Plummer on 15/11/2014   Email

Hi, looking for any information regarding my 3rd great grandmother Sarah Plummer born c1799 she had 2 boys William 1827 and Charles my 2nd great grandfather born 1832 can't find any info regarding a husband, she is in the 1841 census as living in Bishop Monkton and her address was Brook house Bishop Mookton at the time of her death in 1875, any information regarding her or her children or even a husband's death pre 1841 would be much appreciated,

Posted by Kathryn on 08/11/2014

If John Hague wants to improve our literacy, then his last sentence should include the word wrongLY: it's an adverb.

Posted by kathleen corbett on 08/11/2014   Email

looking for information on my great,great,grandfather. john Benedick Lomas, born 1806, migrated to Australia before 1845?

Posted by Zillah horner on 05/11/2014

Maybe the ducks have all been run over by the extraordinary amount of cars that bring children to school!

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 02/11/2014   Email

Mmm interesting. One of the first things my visiting grandchildren asked last week was to feed the ducks. Off we went, stale bread in hand, walked the length of the stream and not a duck in sight. In 30 years of living in BM this a first. Like Jane Heller, I only saw the ducks as both attraction and an asset so what a pity it would be if they have met a sorry end. We live in VERY strange times.

Posted by Jane Heller on 01/11/2014

I am not sure where the correct forum for this topic is, but the village website seems logical. Apparently,every last duck has been 'removed' from our stream. Does anyone out there have a view? My own is that they were a feature of the village, they were doing no harm, the children loved feeding them, the ducklings were charming in Spring so WHY? Jane Heller

Posted by Gillian halton on 26/10/2014

Hi Does anyone know of a Christopher Hield who lived in the village during the Second World War?

Posted by Mr Illingworth on 21/10/2014


Posted by Richard Hoseman on 10/10/2014

WARNING: ITS CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIME FOR THIEVES. On Tuesday of this week,thieves broke into the locked garage of a good friend of mine from Aldborough.They stole a new road bike,golf clubs and various power tools.Evidently there was a lot of suspicious activity ( attempted break-ins etc) in the village that evening.No doubt the low-life from either Leeds or Tees-side are shopping early for Christmas and will probably be targeting other villages - BE AWARE !!

Posted by Judie Keithley on 30/09/2014   Email

Missing Bishop Monkton, forever. I'm going through old photos, etc. and came across my copies of the Observer and The Times magazines of Diana and Charles Royal wedding, and newspaper accounts, including one from the Ripon Gazette. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in these. I would mail them to you - no charge - just in case there's any Diana fans still remaining!

Posted by Helga Donaldson on 16/09/2014

Hi! I have lived in Harrogate for 4 years and am now looking to move out nearer the Bishop Monkton area. Took a wonderful walk round there the other week and it was perfect (par the dog mess situation, its a pity that just one or two folk ruin other peoples joy). If anybody hears of a 1 bedroom flat or cottage for rent would you be kind enough to let me know, i'l keep my eye on this forum. thank you. Kind Regards Helga

Posted by Tommy Flowers on 02/09/2014   Email

It's unfortunate that it isn't just the dog mess that's become a problem in the village of late. Anti social behaviour does appear to be on the rise generally. I have had my vehicle damaged recently and I believe I am not the only one. I'm sure it is just a minority of self centred people bereft of any sense of community but it does beg the question as to what Bishop Monkton should do as a community about this. It does appear that sneaky acts of vandalism around the village have been on the rise generally of late. I suspect that a reticence to get involved in confronting this sort of anti social activity means that some villagers have witnessed this sort of thing going on but don't like to speak up. It's a shame. If we don't want the village to become a graffiti ridden place in which you can't walk without treading in dog mess or park your car in safety we need to step up a little!

Posted by Gerald Shervington on 24/08/2014   Email

Hi Richard A really fantastic piece of work with the WWII series you recently published, well done! This email is for the posting from 'Proud and Grateful' this person has writes that he/she would be interested in making up a group to look after the village archive. this very subject was brought up during our last VH meeting, Angela Archbold volunteered to investigate the possibility of displaying historic village items within the hall. I'm sure that she would like to talk to this person to help take the project forward. regards Gerald

Posted by Dorothy Bowes on 16/08/2014   Email

I would like to thank everyone who did the excellent research work connected with the WW1 series, they must have spent many hours doing it. I have now learnt many details about my late Uncle Edwin who was killed in 1917, until reading the article about him I knew very little. A big thank you again.

Posted by Frances Mcdaid on 14/08/2014   Email

I often check into your website as my dad grew up in Bishop Monkton and my auntie Edna Steele still lives there.In your Great War series I was delighted to recognise my dad, Ednas grandfather William Heath on a previously unseen photo. It is the one of the charabanc outside the Masons Arms. William Heath is sitting in the vehicle on the far left as you look at the photo, and his son Harry is sitting in front of him. William was born in BM in 1862 and is uncle to the William Heath who died in WW1. He lived in Glenroyd Cottages and worked in the paper mill. I was wondering if I could get a better close up of them. I have done a lot of work on some of the families who lived in Bishop Monkton as I am very keen on genealogy. If you ever require further information I would be happy to help if I can. Frances. Editors note: I have now sent Frances an enlarged photo of the charabanc picture outside The Masons Arms.

Posted by Proud and Grateful on 12/08/2014

I have read with great interest your series about Bishop Monkton's part in the 1914-18 War. This must have meant as lot of work for a lot of people in getting all these details. I have never seen them anywhere else. It makes me think we ought to set up a village historial group to find out more about our village and events which have shaped it. Would anyone be interested in forming such a group? Proud and Grateful

Posted by Pamela Brown on 02/08/2014

The Lamb and Flag pub are again entering a decorated float into The Wilfrids Procession in Ripon today - looks brilliant and has been undertaken by the locals. Well worth a visit to watch. Pictures to follow

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 27/05/2014   Email

Anyone want a cat flap? Collect from 22Melrose Road. Any questions ring 07963175105.

Posted by Unity Hield on 04/05/2014

Walking by the river, where usually at this time of the year I see plenty of swallows, depressingly this year I saw only one. Chris Packham, whose on line video shows the illegal hunting of thousands of migrating birds on the island of Malta, illustrates the horrendous massacre. He is on a mission to stop this cruel slaughter, so please can I ask the kind people of Bishop Monkton to go on line and help him and the birds. Thank you everyone. Unity Hield

Posted by amanda on 21/04/2014

Hello, we are a family relocating to the area. Can anyone please tell me which secondary schools are within catchment of the village? Thank you in advance. Amanda

Posted by sian charvill on 11/04/2014

A ring has been found in the village stream, anyone lost one?

Posted by zillah horner on 01/04/2014

I think you are having us on. It is April 1st

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 30/03/2014   Email

Regarding the mysterious Ian -Richard Hammonds friend in the village. There is a village family with a son named Ian, who DEFINATELY has an interest in chickens?! Just wonder. Not naming him as don't want to cause any embarrassment in case it's not him. Just saying ....

Posted by Pandora on 28/03/2014

Much better Richard, thankyou.

Posted by Zillah Horner on 21/03/2014

Yes,me again. Think the answer to your question must be Richard Hammond who went to school with my children..

Posted by Zillah Horner on 08/03/2014

It would appear that dogs and their owners do not read BM today nor the recently erected signs that mar the beckside .

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 08/03/2014

It's no wonder that dog owners get such bad press in the village. Walking my dog early Saturday afternoon down Knaresborough Road, towards the church, I find someone has hung a poo bag on SOMEONE'S HEDGE! As of that wasn't bad enough, on the corner of St. John's Road I find a delightful 'pile' on the small grass verge! I despair. Rant over!

Posted by Angie Archbold on 03/03/2014

I walk round our village most days and am too very upset to see the amount of dog mess on our foot paths. In stead of enjoying the village I am constantly looking on the path trying to avoid piles of dog poo. I have spotted a number do dog walkers waking a head of their dogs off the lead, I have no idea how these owners know what their dogs are doing behind them. I would like to think there is only a small minority of dog owners that are irresponsible and that the majority of Bishop Monkton dog owners are responsible.

Posted by liz dudley on 03/03/2014


Posted by Anonymous on 02/03/2014

Dog fouling around the village is becoming a hazard. I'm a very responsible dog owner and enjoy walking my dog around the village daily. Perhaps it would ease the problem if we had ANY dog foul bins around the village? It is disgusting to come across huge piles in the middle of the pavement It's a shame for such a beautiful place to live to be spoiled in this way!

Posted by Janet on 29/01/2014

Tell me have all the ducks been culled or what has happened to them??

Posted by kathryn bethel on 28/12/2013

Many thanks to our Editor for his good work over the last year: we would miss a lot without his notices - and would not enjoy such brilliant reports and pictures.

Posted by Susan Stead on 28/12/2013

I remember there used to be a New Year Walk from Lamb and Flag every year on 1 January. It is a shame this tradition appears to have been discontinued. I've just had a look on website to see if there is one. In fact, it would be good to have a Walking Group in the village. I don't know very many walks in and around the village, but many people will. It would be nice to walk over field to Royal Oak in Burton Leonard, and walk back!

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 21/12/2013

On Friday afternoon, whilst out dog walking, our brown cocker spaniel Harley decided to take himself off on a lone adverture. We were beyond desperate, walking along Boroughbridge Road, towards Roecliffe. Despite the fact that he is micro-chipped, he is also very friendly and will actually go with anyone, so obviously our thoughts were pretty dark. Had he gone into the river, been picked up by some lowlife, been run over by some fast car? Dark was falling and we were joined by a couple of people who were also with their dogs and they quite spontaneously joined us in the search. Steve and Fiona Verrill, who not only walked but then drove around trying to help us, and Mel Steele who, being a spaniel man himself, also drove towards Westwick Lock where he found Harley sitting by the fishing box, none the worse for his 'adventure'. Huge thanks to Steve, Fiona and Mel. Our Christmas just got better and Harley now understands that Father Christmas only comes to little boys who behave!

Posted by Maureen Kinnear on 20/12/2013

Once again I had to walk on the road with a pram. Why must vans and cars be parked on the pavement making pedestrians especially children vulnerable. This morning whilst walking down to the church the children had to walk in single file as a van was parked mainly on the pavement.

Posted by Chris Higgins on 16/12/2013

Interested in the comment from Nick Bannister. This fits with the nationwide initiative to reduce unnecessary light pollution late at night and into the early hours (which for purely selfish reasons for my hobby is a bonus). However, it shouldn't be adopted at the expense of safety. An increasing number of dark site areas for night sky observation are being allocated but these tend to be in remote areas (e.g., recently in Northumberland). Councils in some areas are gradually replacing outdated technology with more user friendly solutions.

Posted by Nick Bannister on 16/12/2013   Email

To answer a query about replacing lamp posts in the village. This is due to the old concrete posts becoming time expired due to deterioration of the concrete over time. They have been replaced by a more efficient lamp post/bulb. A quick footnote: Harrogate Council has already issued an action plan to switch the street lights off during the night in Harrogate. It will only be a matter of time before they do the same in surrounding villages.

Posted by Alison Auchterlonie on 01/12/2013

I have to agree with Liz Dudley with regard to dog mess in our village, it is an on going problem caused by a minority of dog owners.

Posted by liz dudley on 29/11/2013

A plee again please to people walking their dogs to PLEASE clean up after them. I know the majority of villagers are very responsible when walking their dogs and do clean up, but YET AGAIN yesterday whilst walking with chloe to collect phoebe from school her wheelchair ended up covered on dog mess,with leaves on the ground it is so difficult to see where the mess is and avoid it. This resulted in me again having to put my daughter in her wheelchair into the ford to try and clean the worst of the mess off her wheels. Is this fair ? It isn't the first time and I doubt it will be the last. It is bad enough when you or your children walk through it, but on pushchair wheels or wheelchair wheels its just horrid. Please clean up ! Its not difficult. To the people who do im sorry but im getting so fed up with our village paths being spoilt by few inconsiderate people.

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 15/11/2013   Email

Microwave free to good home. white.. Clean and in good working order. Collection from Melrose Road. Ring 07963175105

Posted by Zillah Horner on 06/11/2013

Enjoying myself away from home it is interesting and of interest to view BM guest book .Do we have a crazy man dancing in our village roads trying to stop the traffic? I thought our village could be called a rural one and in such places there are farmers,there is bond to be mud on t,roads.from afar it all sounds as though there is a call for more cautious driving.Here ww have people and.cows who think they have the priority!,,,,,

Posted by m.herrington on 05/11/2013   Email

Totally agree with Sophie Harlands comment i have been waved at to slow down several times,i got so sick of it i stopped my car and told the gentleman i could not of been going fast at all as i could see his nostril hairs.I never have or never will speed through the village maybe this man should have a speed camera in his hand to catch the real culprits.

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 01/11/2013   Email

Couldn't agree more about the state of the Bishop Monkton to Boroughbridge road. An accident waiting to happen.

Posted by Paul D Herrington on 01/11/2013

While driving home from Boroughbridge the road was wet and due to the mud all over it the car in front of me spun out of control. Luckily the old lady in the other car was ok but shaken. I got her car facing the correct way so she could continue home. Please can you warn others about the dangerous condition the roads are being left in by local farmers especially when it is wet. This incident could have been very serious if anything had been coming the other way. No notices were displayed warning of the road conditions yet there are signs warning us of frogs!

Posted by Sara Collinson on 29/10/2013   Email

Hi. Can anyone lend the village hall/Bishop Monkton Entertainment Group large Victorian type plants for the Old Time Musical in December. Jardinieres would be good too! All will be careful and returned! Many thanks Sara

Posted by Sue on 23/10/2013

Does anyone know of a local electrician who would be able to replace a broken thermostat relating to central heating. Many thanks. Sue

Posted by Sean Dennis on 13/09/2013   Email

Hi my name is Sean Dennis and i was just having a look at your lovely village, im trying to trace my family as my great great grandfather came from here and settled in Otley...his name was Thomas Dennis and he was 77 in the 1851 Census, i don't know if there are any dennis's left in the village..if anyone could help me i would be grateful. Kind Regards: Sean Dennis.

Posted by Sophie Harland on 13/08/2013

Hi, I just want to mention last few nights my partner has constantly been waved down and getting shouted at to slow down, he has never speeded and always goes Steady through the village. Tonight he was doing 10mph And got shouted at and waved down I just think its unfair him Getting this grief every trip to the village. I don't want the locals to mistake him for the youths that are racing through the village, as he has always gone steady and respected the village. Thank You

Posted by Robyn McLean on 12/08/2013   Email

Missing cat from Green Lane, Littlethorpe large brown male tabby cat, very friendly. Last seen 5th Aug 2013. If seen please call 01765 676622. Thanks

Posted by Judith Richardson on 12/08/2013   Email

My husband and I wish to visit Bishop Monkton in the middle of October and we were wondering if The Masons Arms pub would be re-opened by then.Would you know ? Thanks Judith Richardson

Posted by Natalie Farrell on 09/08/2013

Can I say a big thank you to Richard Taylor for helping my mum in her house clearing recently. It was a huge help and I want to take this opportunity to say thanks, it was very much appreciated.

Posted by Catherine Holmes on 31/07/2013

Having read your cricket news I came to know you award a David Holmes Cup. Dad was a wonderful sportsman and although I was not to have my own memories of him, discovering he is still thought of makes me hugely proud. Many thanks and all the best, Catherine Holmes

Posted by Pat Blocki on 19/07/2013   Email

I am tracing my family tree and my gt grandmother Mary Waite was born in the Mason's Arms in 1861. As the Alms is being up graded I wondered if any information about my gt gt granddad Thomas Waite might turn up. I believe that people are much more important than dates and would love any storys/photos. Another gt gt granddad lived at the Lamb and Flag - William Dobby 1840's if these names turn up please let me know THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Pat Blocki

Posted by liz dudley on 14/07/2013

Last Tues/Wed 9th/10th July sadly TWO BIKES from Puddleducks Pre-school were taken.. only to be found up at St John's Church later in the week.To the dissappointment of the STAFF and CHILDREN (most importantly)ONE of the bikes was Broken and can no longer be used. These bikes are expensive as they are designed for use in school settings. Puddleducks is only a small pre-school not a chain of nurseries and does not have an endless pocket of money to buy things because of a few people's thoughtless actions. Puddleducks would hope that the people responsible could be decent and apologise and IF possible replace the bike that they have broken. Many thanks. Nobody needs to be named but the the cost of the bike would be greatfully recieved to replace it, as now the children do not have enough equipment to go around. with thanks

Posted by Anonymous on 12/07/2013

Dear Editor, I just wanted to raise my concern over the increasing number of cars that appear to be travelling well above the legal speed limit through our peaceful village and in particular along the residential area of Boroughbridge road. Quite often there are a group of cars driven by youths who seem to be playing a 'chase' game and using the village roads as a race track which if not addressed soon will no doubt be the cause of a serious accident either with another car or worse pedestrian. I wish to remain anonymous please.

Posted by Caroline Smith on 12/07/2013

Dear Editor, I just wanted to raise my concern over the increasing number of cars that appear to be travelling well above the legal speed limit through our peaceful village and in particular along the residential area of Boroughbridge road. Quite often there are a group of cars driven by youths who seem to be playing a 'chase' game and using the village roads as a race track which if not addressed soon will no doubt be the cause of a serious accident either with another car or worse pedestrian. I wish to remain anonymous please

Posted by Jann Snyder on 07/07/2013   Email

Happy to say hello,and to announce that my brother's nephews, Bob and Mike Bryan accomplished their 4th Golden Slam at Wimbledon on the 6th. This is in addition to winning two Gold Medals in the Olympics last summer---I think the UK is as lucky for them as it was for us at West View House a few years ago. I am starting a bucket list with re-visiting Bishop Monkton on the top line. Love and blessings to you all. Jann

Posted by Pandora Heap on 04/07/2013

I want to echo Jenny's thoughts. I agree it was brilliant of the Gill family to inform the village of their forthcoming plans for the Mason's Arms. I too have witnessed the Mason's through many 'ups & downs' over the years and look forward very much to the Gill's ownership being the next much needed 'up'. The Tiger at Coneythorpe is a lovely pub - I have eaten there with friends on several ocassions and I look forward very much to doing the same at the Mason's again.

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 02/07/2013   Email

Having lived at the rear of the Masons Arms for almost 29 years, we have witnessed both the highs and lows of this much loved establishment and how fantastic it is that the incoming licensees have allowed the villagers into their plans which is hugely comforting and can put to rest the rumours. As our kitchen window overlooks the rear car park we have lurched fromm seeing a car park full to overflowing of happy diners, to one which at times resembles a scrap yard. So, welcome Mr. Gill. Although it is almost time for us to leave this village and move on to pastures new, our wish is only good things and a return to the good times.

Posted by Edmund Wilkinson on 29/06/2013   Email

I am sorry to hear of the death of Kieth Whitfield. We were good friends from 1940-50 having lots of country style fun like tickling trout in the beck & fishing in the river. I often rode on the back of his motor bike.We played snooker in the Micky & both were members of the cricket team. He knew a great deal about the village history. I shall miss his e.mails.

Posted by Sheila Parsons on 26/06/2013

I would also like to give a huge thank you to the volunteers who cleared the churchyard. It was a mammoth task! I am among many people in the village who has at least one loved one in the graveyard and visiting the grave is part of life, as it will be for many.It is essential that the graveyard is kept clear. I beleive that the graveyard actually belongs to the council, not the church and I would suggest that we pay a little more on the rates to keep it tidy. After all it is going to benefit a lot more people in the end!

Posted by Anonymous on 24/06/2013

A huge thank you to all those who tidied up the Parish Church graveyard.

Posted by Editor on 21/06/2013

Zillah, I can't help hoping you would feel somewhat differently were you in a position of having a loved one in the graveyard whose grave you wanted to keep looking fresh and cared for.

Posted by zillah horner on 19/06/2013

I pause for thought. Dare I put my head above the parapet and say that we get what we deserve. If no one is willing and capable of cutting the grave yard grass we must let nature have its way. I thought the picture of the wild grasses very beautiful, a haven for wildlife in an age when people are concreting over and doing away with greenery. I very much doubt the dead will be worried about the state of the grave yard.

Posted by Bill Flentje on 14/06/2013   Email

Posted by Bill Flentje on 15.06.2012 I would like to thank Nick and Keith for the information provided via this helpful 'guestbook'. I since found a number of WW2 RAF air photos of the area and they clearly show the remains of the old rifle ranges, which cut across a bend in Mains Lane some 1000 yards east of Wormald Green. There may have been some 6 ranges, aligned in a curved string, with a total of 240 targets. A lot it seems, but there were tens of thousands of recruits passing through the Ripon Camps. Anybody wanting more details may email me directly.

Posted by nick bannister on 08/06/2013

Just a note to Bill Flentje's enquirey about a substantial rifle range between Bishop Monkton and womold green. On Station Road to Burton Leonard there is a large concrete hard standing above where the original riseleley hall stood, according to people I spoke to whilst living in South Stainley this was built to support heavy armoured vehicles during the 2nd World War (tank stand). The link in my opinion is the ammunition siding built at Bishop Monkton as well as the rifle range, if it was still a range during WW2. Just a thought it may have been laid as it is an ideal defending point to the then railway and trunk road in case of invasion. Anybody who can shoot me down in flames on info please do as this will help bill get the information he needs.

Posted by Mark Brierley on 07/06/2013   Email

Dear Sir, I am trying to locate Mr and Mrs D Bolton, who I assume still live in Bishop Monkton. I wish to advise them of my father's latest circumstances but have no idea of their address. My father lived in Melrose Road, Bishop Monkton until 1999. Perhaps you could pass this message on, if applicable, and we can take things from there. Many thanks. Mark Brierley

Posted by Keith Whitfield on 02/06/2013   Email

The old rifle range was located at the top of Mains Lane on land owned in my day by the Blaken Family at the top of the fields near to Womald Gree. As kids we were always digging there looking for bullets!. I remember the large earthen mounds being demolished.

Posted by David Arundell on 27/05/2013

Iwould like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all who helped and supported Bishop Monkton Methodist Chapel Youth Club on the bric brac stall, smash the rat and daisy the cow at the Hog Roast Day to help raise £146 to go into the Village Hall funds. David Arundell

Posted by Bill Flentje on 26/05/2013   Email

Well, it's more to do with Bishop Monkton yesterday. We are researching the history of rifle ranges and encounted information regarding the construction in 1915 of a large range near Bishop Monkton in connection with recruit training and the WW1 camps south of Ripon. We would like to be able to pin-point the exact location of this range and wonder if local knowledge may be able to help us. Perhaps just advice as who to ask locally, i.e. long established farming family and person with interest in local history my be of use. Mny thanks Bill Flentje

Posted by Chris Higgins on 08/03/2013   Email

Having been the first to attend the near fatal accident involving a 7 year old cyclist last summer it is no surprise to me further near misses and accidents have occurred at the Hungate/moor road junction. It was very obvious that the accident resulted from inadequate warning of the junction from the Moor Road side. I would urge the Parish council to do whatever they can to put pressure on the authorities to resolve the issue before it is too late.

Posted by John Archbold on 07/03/2013   Email

Last Saturday morning I was walking near the village crossroads when I witnessed what could have been a fatal road accident. Two cyclists travelling from the direction of Ripon passed me with the intention of turning right into Moor Road when a car travelling down Moor Road crossed the junction into Hungate in excess of 30 mph without stopping or slowing down. The car missed the cyclists by inches and I can only assume the driver simply did not see that this was a junction, as the road markings have all but disappeared. If the car had passed one second later, the driver would have broadsided at least one of the cyclists, which at the speed he or she was travelling, would likely have resulted in a fatality. I would urge anybody witnessing incidents like this to report them, rather than waiting for serious injuries to persuade the Highways Department that something needs to be done.

Posted by sue bradley on 05/03/2013

Does anyone have a phone number for a window cleaner please? Thank you. Sue

Posted by Keith Whitfield on 09/02/2013   Email

Hurrah and good luck for the youth club. It reminds me of There will always be an England and the 1942/5 club.

Posted by Keith Whitfield on 22/01/2013   Email

I'm sorry to learn of Brian Keithley's death. He was an old comtempory of mine and we attend Ripon Grammar School together, cycling to school with half a dozen other boys. The Keighley's lived in the same house as my Grandmother lived until 1936/7 which was then called Ivyroyd. His Uncle was a director of the former National Provincial Bank when I worked in Leeds in the 1950's.

Posted by Pandora Heap on 15/12/2012

I watched my Jubilee Celebration disc last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great way to keep all the memories of a brilliant 4days in the village celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. Thankyou and a huge 'Well Done' to everyone involved in putting the DVD together and getting the orders out in time for Christmas. Brilliant!!

Posted by Father Christmas on 13/12/2012

My thanks to the organisers of the Christmas Fayre for inviting me to meet the children before I bring all the presents on Christmas Night, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. May I also congratulate all the mums ands dads for the polite manners of all the children when I met them, it was delightful to meet you all. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and a peaceful New Year Father Christmas

Posted by lizdudley on 13/12/2012

Thankyou for putting the report and photo's of the toddler club on the website.. as you all know Chloe spends alot of time on the Childrens ward at Harrogate Hospital and the nursing staff work very hard to care for all the children along with my Chloe. The Doctors and nurses worked incredibly hard last January day and night one to one with Chloe to keep her stable whilst waiting to be transfered to LGI for High Dependency Care when a chest infection and complications with medications and seizures dropped her heart rate so low we were warned she may not survive the night. I have no doubt that their care and love saved Chloe's life that night and without them we wouldnt have Chloe with us anymore. To be able to donate the cheque and give something back was very humbling and an honour. Thanks goes to Catherine Wyatt for choosing the ward to donate too xx

Posted by Kathryn Bethel on 05/12/2012

With so many people ordering large parcels 'on line', how are our trustworthy postmen supposed to do their job? No-one in? Leave it with a neighbour (if they're in)? Leave it under a box? Leave it at Forge Stores (not fair)? Leave a note that you have to go to Starbeck? When delivering some leaflets recently, I could have picked up many jolly-looking parcels left on doorsteps. Any suggestions?

Posted by zillah horner on 04/12/2012

Saturday 8th Dec 4-6pm meeting in the Village Hall about the production of a pantomime. I have been asked to design the scenery. This will need painting onto backdrops. Happy as I am to do this it would be great if there were others to lend a hand.You don't have to dance, sing, act, just flash a paintbrush around and be part of the fun. Hope to see some of you there.

Posted by liz dudley on 01/12/2012

Just wondered if anyone elses garden wheely bin wasnt emptied as it should have been on Friday and when they are going to be ??? Can anyone help ?

Posted by Hungate resident on 29/11/2012

I would like to praise Eddie Brown Coaches on the service they provide through our village. This morning the village is flooded for a second consecutive day. At 9.05 am, I boarded the bus in BM to Burton Leonard which was only two minutes late. The return journey from BL was only four minutes late when I boarded it and arrived in Ripon only 17 minutes late! This on a morning when the road conditions between Knaresborough and Ripon could only be described as terrible. Incidentally the number of passengers travelling were two! If possible at all, leave the car at home and catch the bus! Use the service or loose it! Hungate Resident.

Posted by lizdudley on 29/11/2012

Could anyone tell me how long the roecliffe road is closed for ?? I have seen cars going down there at various times of day and just wondered if it is still closed or open and they just havent removed signs ?? Can anyone help at all ??

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 26/11/2012   Email

From time to time, it is questioned as to why I don't buy my milk 'from the supermarket'. Why on earth would I need to do that when we have such fabulous service from Jones the Milk. This man and his wife have served us so well over the past 28 years that we have lived here. Where else can you ring up on Christmas Eve and ask if you could have a pint of double' cream only to be invited to come up and help yourself from the fridge and 'pay us when we call'!! Can't see the supermarket doing that.

Posted by zillah horner on 24/11/2012

A lot of laughs were had at the performance of Fish Out Of Water on Friday Night 23/11/12. Thanks to all concerned for their time and effort in providing us with such enjoyment.

Posted by liz dudley on 23/11/2012

I know most villagers who own dogs are very responsible - BUT PLEASE , TWICE this week ive had to clean dog mess off Chloe's WHEELCHAIR tyres. Im not sure if im going mad but there seems to be a HUGE amount of DOG MESS around the village pavements at the moment and its just awful. Chloe has to travel in her wheelchair to school, hospital etc and it isnt great that i have to put her wheelchair with her in it in the ford to try and wash the nasty mess off her tyres. Please could people clean up after their dogs - it isnt nice for local children walking to school, people visiting our beautiful village to constantly have to watch where they are walking. Like i said earlier - i know MOST dog owners are responsible but the village pavements at the moment are just APPAULING. Thankyou for reading X

Posted by graham storey on 14/11/2012   Email

hi i would like to let anyone who might remember me im moving back to B M in a few weeks after living away for 30 odd years many off those in spain pat and i are really looking forward to coming back

Posted by Pamela Brown on 05/11/2012   Email

Just a quick update to let family and friends know that David Brown is still on Bolton Ward Harrogate, Mary Brown had another stroke saturday morning and was in neighbouring ward - so David was pleased as he could walk next door to see his wife :) Mary has now has returned back to Sycamore Hall Care Home where she can have 24 hour care... shes doing ok - David Brown remains in Harrogate hospital

Posted by John Watkin on 31/10/2012   Email

We are looking to reopen the Masons Arms within the next few weeks and are looking for a Gardener and any suggestions on how we should position the pub into the community and what the village would like to see on the menu. We will be having a reopening party at a date to be fixed with free Bellini's and a buffet so please watch this space.

Posted by Damien Allen on 25/10/2012   Email

Grew up in the village and only recently moved out to Harrogate. Not forgotten my roots though! Maybe we should have a blues gig in the village hall one day? Shameless plug to my You Tube channel!

Posted by liz dudley on 15/10/2012

Just wanting to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone who came to Chloe's birthday fundraiser. We are truely overwhelmed with the amount of people who supported the event and with the amount of money which was raised - a truely AMAZING £326. This will cover the cost of the water feature and it has now been ordered and hopefully installed this week. THANKYOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS XXXXXXXX liz and the beautiful Chloe Niamh

Posted by liz dudley on 04/10/2012

Just enjoyed a wonderful Harvest Festival service with the children of the primary school, seeing Phoebe and all the other children was lovely today.. Just wanted to say what a difference to access to St Johns the new wheelchair ramp is. As you all know Chloe is in a wheelchair and access to the church has always involved bouncing her up and down the steps. Not anymore ! Thankyou very much I know we wont be only ones to benefit from it but thankyou !

Posted by Emma Oates on 02/10/2012   Email

Just to say that I am not 'Disppointed' of a few postings ago. . . if I felt the need to share my opinions on here then I would be more than happy to put my name to it. . . Emma O

Posted by liz dudley on 01/10/2012

thankyou for putting Chloe's birthday fundraiser on the village news XXX Means the world to us XX

Posted by Keith Whitfield on 25/09/2012   Email

I keep my fingers crossed for the village residents, particularly in Boroughbridge road, in these floods and I am pleased to see that the bypast seems to be working. Or is it? During my time living in Norbridge, the water mostly seeped up through the floor flooding the kitchen up to 3 inches deep. In the garden most of the water came from below as the property was below beck level. I hope that the present incumbents are dry.

Posted by Disappointed on 23/09/2012

The facilities at Bishop Monkton Playing Fields are second to none. We have the bowling club,the cricket club, the croquet club,the football club and the tennis club. Each club pays a fee to the Village Hall for the rent of each facility - an amount which has been agreed with the Village Hall Committee. That being so, every club knows what their responsibility is towards paying for the upkeep of the different playing areas. Every club struggles to pay so fund raising is a necessary activity to raise funds. The football, bowling and croquet clubs all held fund raising events. Why is the Tennis Club exempt from paying 100% and expects to pay only 50%? On observation the tennis facility, which the village was assured was so necessary, is the least used. Every other club member has to pay a subscription to enable each individual club to flourish. What a white elephant the tennis club has turned out to be. Disappointed (name and address supplied)

Posted by liz dudley on 23/09/2012

Would just like to update that Chloe came through her surgery really well. She went into the LGI last thursday (20th)and had her surgery first thing. It went relatively well although she did need a drug to increase her heartrate whilst in surgery - the bradycardia as predicted caused a few issues. She also recovered slowly from the anesthetic and required additional oxygen until she came round fully.. once awake she tolerated liquids well and within 4hours was eating her favourite ambrosia custard !! She did really well and for the first time in 3years she slept that night NOT struggling to breath and i didnt have to shake her once to get her breathing again, she looked so peaceful it was just lovely. She was discharged less than 24hrs after surgery and was back home by 10.30 friday morning - what a star ! She isnt allowed to go to school or any group for 2weeks due to risk of infection but will be pottering round the village with me for some fresh air. Thankyou again everyone for s

Posted by liz dudley on 29/08/2012

Quick update on Chloe for those who we havent seen around over the holidays - she is due to go into the LGI on 20th sept for tonsil and adenoids removal, as much as this is usually routine for Chloe its major as its another potentially dangerous Anesthetic and likely bradycardia problems, please spare her a thought as you always do and wish her well. On a jollier note - Chloe will be 4 on 7th october and we are having a tea party for her and her friends in the chapel school room on the 7th in the afternoon.. anyone who would like to come are more than welcome for tea and cake to help us celebrate another milestone of her getting through another very tough ( and scary at times ) year. As always we really appreciate all the on going support we receive from the villagers. You are all truely amazing and extremely kind. We are very lucky that Chloe and Phoebe live in this lovely little part of Yorkshire. Thankyou so very much x

Posted by Pandora Heap on 21/08/2012

I have received a thank you card from the parents of the little boy injured in the accident at the crossroads a few weeks ago. As there were many villagers that evening who helped or showed concern for the children and their parents I felt it only right to share it with you all. I am writing to let you know how Harry is progressing since his accident and to take the opportunity to thank you and your family for the fantastic help and consideration you gave to the children at that time. Harry's recovery is nothing short of amazing considering how things were and certainly adds weight to the saying that kids bounce! He still has some broken ribs and jaw that will require careful handling for a few more weeks which means he is not having the greatest school holidays but that is just a short term inconvenience and not important in the scheme of things. Harry has taken it all really well and is quite accepting of his situation, never complaining, we are very proud of him. People are always

Posted by Pandora Heap on 20/08/2012

I have received a thankyou card from the parents of the little boy injured in the accident at the crossroads a few weeks ago. As there were many villagers that evening who helped or showed concern for the children and their parents I felt it only right to share it with you all. 'I'm writing to let you know how Harry is progressing since his accident...and to take the opportunity to thank you and your family for the fantastic help and consideration you gave to the children at that time. Harry's recovery is nothing short of amazing considering how things were and certainly adds weight to the saying that kids bounce! He still has some broken ribs and jaw that will require careful handling for a few more weeks which means he's not having the greatest school holidays but that's just a short term inconvenience and not important in the scheme of things. Harry has taken it all really well and is quite accepting of his situation - never complaining - we are very proud of him. ... People are

Posted by morag gray on 11/08/2012   Email

As a village, we have always made visitors feel welcome and comfortable. We provide pleasant seating areas around the village which has always been appreciated. Living close to one such area and close to a bus stop, I get positive comments from walkers and visitors. Until that is the weather gets warmer and then the SMELL. Unlike Burton Leonard, this village doesn't have litter bins for dog mess. Responsible dog owners have to use the ordinary litter bins to dispose of their plastic bags. Warm weather, dog mess in plastic bags it doesn't take long for a pleasant seating and waiting area to become really offensive. I have taken it upon myself to put a notice on the litter bin in question asking that dog owners refrain from using it. Why can't we, as a village, have a red bin along the beckside away from seats?

Posted by charles wilkinson on 28/07/2012   Email

when I lived in B M there was a HALT sign at the cross roads. can it be put back ?

Posted by Action Man on 27/07/2012

I read with sadness the report of the crash at our dangerous crossroads resulting in serious injuries for an eight year-old boy cyclist who was here on holiday. There have been so many accidents and 'near misses' at this junction that it is time something more was done to prevent the fatality which is sure to come if we do nothing. We already have road signs, a flashing sign and 'slow' notices on the road, but these seem to have little effect in slowing some of the traffic which speeds between Ripon and Knaresborough on this 'rat run'. My suggestion is that we should install road calming bumps on this road on the approaches to this potentially lethal junction. This, I think, is the only way we shall succeed in getting the traffic to slow down -and thereby, hopefully, avoiding that fatal accident that is sure to happen otherwise. Action Man (name and address supplied)

Posted by James Hannaway on 17/07/2012   Email

To finish my post below, please feel free to contact me on 07766920003 if you would like to catch up find out more about Dad, regards to all, James

Posted by James Hannaway on 10/07/2012   Email

A Hannaway family catch up. There are many familiar names and faces as I read through the Bishop Monkton Village website even though it is 14 years since we moved out of Sarnia. Whilst I went out to Mallorca with my Mum and Dad originally I have lived in Harrogate for the last 12 years. For those of you who dont know my Mum Jane passed away 2 years ago, since then my Dad has continued to run their restaurant until March 4th this year when he suffered a stroke. After 4 months in a Spanish rehabilitation hospital I took the decision to bring my Dad back to Harrogate so at least he could enjoy some interaction with family and friends here. The long term plan is still to be decided but I am trying to let as many people know as possible in case people would be interested in catching up or visiting in the future. A bizarre approach you may think but i thought this news should hopefully filter through the Bishop Monkton grapevine fairly efficiently. If you would like to know more or catc

Posted by Valerie O'Keefe on 26/06/2012   Email

Had to let you know how much I enjoyed the Jubilee Festivities both on television (BBC America, and CNN)and on the Bishop Monkton Page.My sister and brother in law always keep me informed of the local acrtivities and news. The Jubilee weekend photos were the closest I could be to celebrate with you all. Thankyou again for such great coverage. The decorations, flowers, outfits and presentation of the whole village was outstanding....Valerie O'Keefe, California, USA

Posted by Naomi Scott-Mearns on 23/06/2012   Email

Hello, I was wondering if anyone between the age of 17 and 25 and living in Bishop Monkton or surrounding area would be able to help me by being a research participant in my study on travel for my undergraduate dissertation in geography at Oxford University. I live in Leeds and also my family has a house in Bishop Monkton. All that I ask is that participants fill in a travel diary for one week and then do an interview based on the information that they have given in the travel diary, which will last about an hour. If anyone is interested please will they email me back or telephone me on: 07981738407 or 01132573780. Thank you very much, Naomi

Posted by Richard Field on 13/06/2012

A brilliant Jubilee. Events of the highest calibre. Few village could match what we have done. So many people have worked so hard. just too numerous to mention all of them. Roger and Angie's leadership was inspirational. And Florence - who will ever forget the Wedding Exhibition! Special thanks, too, to Basil for his wonderful photos. Bishop Monkton can congratule itself on what we have achieved together. Richard

Posted by Jane Fowler on 13/06/2012   Email

Thanks Richard. I thought your coverage of the Jubilee really brilliant. You are a Village Treasure. Jane

Posted by Angie Archbold on 11/06/2012   Email

A BIG well done and thank you to yourself Richard. You have done a fantastic job on the website, and a big thank you to Baz for helping you with the photo,s.

Posted by Dave Arundel on 08/06/2012   Email

Re message from the Yank: I'm sure he didn't mean any harm when he said about the Masons Arms (I do hope some one can take it over and make a go of it). I found this to be rather insensitive due to the fact that Nicky couldn't possibly have done more than she did. She didn't fail - she was driven out by factors beyond her control. Good luck Nikki. Dave

Posted by Editor on 08/06/2012   Email

I would remind anyone sending a letter for possible publication on this page, that I can only accept them if they are sent with your full name and correct e-mail address (which may or may not be published, according to your wishes. I have recently received anonymous letters making contentious comments (which could be libelous) so these will not be used forlegal reasons. I still welcome genuine letters on any subject as long as they are legal and fair.

Posted by Jim and Gladys Hall on 06/06/2012

Thank you for all your hard work over the four days and beyond. We had an email from our daughter in France who said, Had fun looking at the BM website..very creative and varied ideas...amazing for a small village and great that everyone gets involved. What a wonderful Jubilee celebration it has been! Jim and Gladys Hall

Posted by Jim and Gladys Hall on 06/06/2012

Thank you for all your hard work over the four days and beyond. We had an email from our daughter in France who said, 'Had fun looking at the BM website...very creative and varied ideas...amazing for a small village and great that everyone gets involved'. What a wonderful Jubilee celebration it has been. Jim and Gladys Hall

Posted by Charlotte Spencer and family on 06/06/2012

Dear All, We just had to write and thank you for all you have done this weekend. We know that it has taken months of preparation and it has been worth it! Our family and friends will certainly remember this weekend for the rest of our lives, from the shows to the exhibitions, the boat and duck races, parade and the family games, not to mention the hog roast and street party. Bishop Monkton really has celebrated the Jubilee in style, bringing the whole community together and it took a few very determined people to make it happen, it really is appreciated. We know that there are a lot of other people who would appreciate thanks (these are the only emails we have), would you mind forwarding this letter please? Thank you all again! Jonathan, Charlotte, Isabelle and William Spencer xxxxxx

Posted by Dorothy Bowes on 01/06/2012   Email

This is regarding the query by Morag Gray about Percy Jowett. I was born in Bishop Monkton in November 1928 and attended the village school until 1939 when the older students were transferred to Ripon Modern School which had just opened. During the time I attended the School Miss Shippam was the Headmistress and Miss Garner looked after the younger students. I do recall though hearing about Percy Jowett, my father and his siblings also had attended the village school so it may have been them who spoke about him. If I remember correctly his sister (Miss Jowett) lived in one of the houses opposite the Church. Sorry I cannot give you more assistance. Dorothy Bowes, Baulkham Hills, Sydney, Australia.

Posted by Sue Gale on 25/05/2012   Email

Is there anyone in the village who knows of a gardener and cleaner with a few hours to spare as I am in need of both. Many thanks

Posted by Jane Gosney on 24/05/2012

I love the pictures from the last Jubilee and am delighted that the campaign to save the shop is working so well. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Disgusted on 14/05/2012

Re: Mason's Arms & Nikki My heart goes out to this lady who has put her life and soul into running this pub. What a shame it is not appreciated.I for one will not be visiting this pub again (as it will obviously lead to higher prices)- unless of course Nikki is reinstated.

Posted by Derek Whitaker on 13/05/2012

Mason's Arms & Nikki My heart goes out to this lady who has put her life and soul into running this pub. What a shame it is not appreciated by the the landlord. I for one will not be visiting this pub again (as it will obviously lead to higher prices)- unless of course Nikki is reinstated.

Posted by Jim Wolfe, The Yank on 01/05/2012   Email

Greetings from San Antonio, Texas. Spring has come to south Texas and today our temperature is 86 degrees, Fahrenheit, and humid. Boy do I miss British weather. Indiana Jones, Mic's son, is doing fine and is 8 now. I am now working at our headquarters here at Fort Sam Houston but hope to finally retire within the next year. Congratulations to Ema and Steve for their showing in the Skipton Triathlon, and to Trevor and Carol for their ongoing contributions to charity through the old whisky bottle. I was both surprised and sad to see that the Mason's Arms had closed. I do hope someone takes it over and can make a go of it. I love and miss all of you, especially Merv and Pauline Beecroft. Sorry if I haven't written some of you more, my job now requires a lot of traveling. My warmest regards to all in the village. Cheers, Jim

Posted by liz dudley on 01/05/2012   Email

For all of the wonderful residents who have welcomed us and taken our girls into their hearts, i just wanted to let you all know that Chloe Niamh has come through her major kidney surgery pretty much unscaithed. Apart from a huge incision and suffering from Sinus bradycardia whilst in recovery ( which she has done before), she is doing really well and is home. She is sore and tired but always the superstar she is is managing on only paracetamol for pain relief. One amazing little lady. Thankyou to everyone for your kind words, prayers and support X

Posted by Lee Higham on 26/04/2012   Email

One of my cats, Maud, has decided to leave home. She does this every few years and moves further up the village (usually in the Renton Close direction)to where obviously the food is better and the log burners are still lit. If anyone sees a slim, long haired, bad tempered cat who is very vocal please could they point her back up towards our house (Milligan Cottage - next to the Mechanics) or if some terrible fate has befallen her (the cockerel kiler has moved on to things with fur and four legs) please could some one let me know. Many thank Lee Higham

Posted by Jane Gosney on 26/04/2012   Email

I would like to apologise to anyone awoken by one of my cows mooing last night, a matter brought to my attention by a resident banging on the door at 2.30am and which was followed up by a message left on our answerphone. A calf had been pushed through the feed barrier by another cow, as occasionally happens (they always return when hungry - which is less stressful than chasing them around) but this person later informed the police that he had been up on the farm and put it back himself! Perhaps the welcome pack to new residents should contain the message that this is a rural area where farm animals are kept and where cocks crow and cows moo. Jane Gosney

Posted by cidervimto on 21/04/2012

True story: In a village same size similar population a developer wanted to develop some land, but kept getting rebutted by the local planning. Then he had an idea what if it included a shop flat above same design to the houses he was building. Hey presto planning permission was quickly granted and the village got its shop (spar], our developer/village got its houses. Just and idea for the chap who is trying to put houses next to the playing field.

Posted by Pat and Richard Field on 20/04/2012   Email

I was sad to have to write the report about Bernard and Mary closing their village shop. They have given a fantastic service to the village over many years and have, in recent years, made a huge effort to expand the shop and widen its services and deserve everyone's thanks. It is only now perhaps that some people will realise how useful it was to be able to pop in for their shopping or for that last minute tin of beans or stamps or a photo copy or to pick up their newspaper. And,of course, we will all miss the chance to chat to others in what was virtually the hub of the village. Everyone, I feel sure, will want to pass on their thanks for all they have done for the villag over many years, often in difficult circumstances. Pat and Richard Field

Posted by chris procter on 20/04/2012   Email

I was very sad to read the notice from Bernard and Mary that they have decided to close the shop. They need an enormous vote of thanks from all of us for the service that they and their family have provided to the village over a great many years.

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 19/04/2012   Email

So. We still have living among us a killer of livestock. A certain village resident who for whatever reason we do no appear to be legally allowed to name. Since the beginning of this saga, I have been troubled not only that the powers that be appear to be impotent, but that this person still lives in this country village where for the most part domestic and farm animals live side by side quite harmoniously. Jane Gosney appears to have tried every possible avenue to resolve these murderous attacks on her livestock, and should not have to face this again. My old Dad,God rest his soul would have the answer. 12 bore shotgun, and not for the cockerill!

Posted by April Showers on 13/04/2012

Well done again. Your April 1 spoof is worth waiting for! How do you think up such things? Keep up the good work!

Posted by Sheila Jackson on 13/04/2012   Email

I am researching the Atkinson family of Burton Leonard for my late friend's children. I have reached the stage where I have found Robert Atkinson of Burton Leonard who married Catherine Bolton in Ripon Cathedral in 1761. I have actually seen the document at the Records Office in Northallerton, so have verified this. The IGI gives me Robert's parents as Robert Atkinson and Sarah. However, the IGI is not necessarily accurate. I wonder if anyone in your village would be able to further my research for me? I believe there is a book available which was privately printed called A Tale of Two Villages by Barbara Wray. Is it possible for me to buy a copy of this book? I would very much appreciate any help that anyone in the area could give me re the Atkinson and related families. Yours sincerely, Sheila Jackson Barn Owl Cottage, Crambeck Village, Welburn, York. YO60 7EZ

Posted by zillah and simon on 01/04/2012

Human croquet could not be considered here in Bequia.Exposure to the sun would burn you to a frazzle that is if the insect biting fraternity didn't eat you before you were BBQed.See you soon in BM.Have fun on April 1st

Posted by Hoop Along Cassidy on 30/03/2012

As a long standing member of Bishop Monkton Croquet Club I was shocked to read of changes envisaged for our club to help the Government cut the deficit. I suffer from rheumatics and I am worried by the thought that I will be made to stand for hours as a human 'hoop' to enable 'Human Croquet' to be played. Unless there is a dispensation allowing me to sit down every half hour I shall have revert to dominoes. Hoop Along Cassidy

Posted by Susan Whitaker on 14/03/2012   Email

Hello Richard, you may remember Unity's annual battle to save as many frogs/toads as possible being run over on the Boroughbridge Road. Derek and I have been helping her since you put us in touch a couple of years ago. As you can imagine, Unity won't be well enough to do anything this year, but we are going to do what we can to help. I don't know whether you think it would be appropriate to mention this on the website, even if it is only to ask people to drive carefully for the next couple of weeks along that stretch of road and be aware there will be people collecting frogs. They like wet evenings and temperatures above 7C, so it looks as if Friday and Saturday of this week will provide optimum conditions. They tend only to move during the dusk and early evening. Any helpers will be very welcome.

Posted by Liz Dudley on 12/03/2012   Email

Just wanted to thank all the villagers and church community for making Phoebe and Chloe's baptism yesterday a very special day..Chloe has been gravely ill a few weeks ago and we have had two further diagnosis since christmas - one of severe uncontrollable epilepsy and the other of Spina Bifida on top of her Syndrome, she also is awaiting a further MRI scan as the specialists think she may have a tumour in the brain. This has made her and Phoebe's baptism even more poinient and special and the support from the village amazing. THANKYOU SO VEY MUCH XXX

Posted by Janet on 23/02/2012

Hello Sue many in the village useTLT Cleaning Services 01765/601954 or 07759152783. Husband and wife team and come round about every 6 weeks.

Posted by Sue on 22/02/2012   Email

Please advise if anyone knows of any window cleaners in the Bishop Monkton area and if a name and contact details could be forwarded by return if possible. Thank you. Sue

Posted by Caroline on 11/02/2012   Email

Halo all, I was last in your quaint village during the Millenium,I will be returning in late Feb. for a brief visit and do some touring, hope to catch anyone I know or who remembers me, I directed the Snow white and the seven dwarfs pantomime in the year 2000. Take care and Godbless till then Caro

Posted by Keith Pettitt on 04/02/2012   Email

Just a quick note to congratulate everyone who was involved in putting together the annual village quiz tonight.It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and congratulations to Paul Wade's team and John Eden's team for jointly coming out on top! It was a shame that not everyone was able to stay to see the presentation to the joint winners. Perhaps some diary management for those whom left early is in order! Anyway, particular thanks to Angie, Stuart, Sam, Rodney and Isabel and all the people who put the event together. Our team have retired for some extra training which will involve a beginners guide to Classical Music, Obscure Literature of the Twentieth Century and, in my case, press ups! Well done to all concerned again, and if you think you can challenge the winners please get yourselves together as a team and come along ready for the battle next year!

Posted by Chris Hague on 30/01/2012   Email

Any advice/help someone can provide with constructing a Croquet lawn for our village hall in Toddington, Gloucestershire. Funding ideas would be very helpful too! Thanks Chris

Posted by Gary Collett on 28/01/2012   Email

Does anyone have a contact e-mail address for the parish council clerk?

Posted by martin usher on 25/01/2012   Email

I grew up in monkton from 1952 onwards an idylic childhood regards to anyone who remembers me

Posted by Elaine Codd on 19/01/2012

I read Keith Whitfield's comment dated 14/01/12 with interest. John BATTY of Monkton Mains Farm was my great grandfather. My great great grandfather James BATTY was at the farm in 1841. John was there (as head of household)in 1851 and 1861 but had moved by 1871. John was born in Sutton on the Forest and my grandfather another John BATTY. was born at Monkton Mains in 1858. I am trying to establish who James married. If you have any further information about my family I would be very interested.

Posted by Keith Whitfield on 14/01/2012   Email

Note for Rachel Smith, Monkton Mains Farm was occupied by John Batty 1841/1861. Note for Rachel Smith, Monkton Mains farm was occupied by John Batty 1841/1861 & for Kathleen Corbett, John Lomas features on the Enclosure Map of 1816.

Posted by Kathleen Corbett on 12/01/2012   Email

Hello, I have discovered my great, great grandfather came from Bishop Monkton. He was John Benedick Lomas, born in 1806, emigrated to Australia ? when before 1852 and died in Fremantle, Western Australia 1888. Looking for any details about him if anyone can help. Thanks. Kathleen Corbett, Adelaide. South Australia

Posted by David Marsh on 04/01/2012   Email

Thanks to those who offered their help,from us all at thank you.

Posted by john taylor on 27/12/2011

rachel smith try mains lane monkton mains farm

Posted by Keith Whitfield on 23/12/2011   Email

I would ask Rachel Smith, what is the name of her Great Great Grandfather?

Posted by Rachel Smith on 20/12/2011   Email

Hello I am in the process of tracing my family tree and have found that my Great, Great Grandfather lived at: The Mains, Bishop Monkton, does anyone have any idea what of where abouts this is? I would be really appreciate any feedback.

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 28/10/2011   Email

DOG SHARE. Some 3 months ago we lost our beloved Springer Toby and are not going to replace him in the near future. So, if anyone wants their dog walking on a informal basis, we are now becoming increasingly aware of what a massive gap Toby left. As we are both semi retired, and experienced dog owners, we would love to have the opportunity to simply walk the occasional dog. No financial interest, just a walk with a four legged friend. Please ring Jenny on 07963175105.

Posted by J S Feest on 13/10/2011   Email

A copy of the public notice outlining scheme progress attached to the site fencing can be found at The file is located under 'Useful downloads' half way down the page. James Feest North Yorkshire County Council 01609 797295 07971006048

Posted by Lee Higham on 11/10/2011

I really appreciate that the flood prevention works are causing havoc and great inconvenience for those in the village who live on the 'wrong' side of the works, but please could people not double park on Boroughbridge Road. Emergency services could not get the small gap that has currently been left and damage is going to be caused to vehicles. Please could people use some common sense when parking.

Posted by John Hague on 08/10/2011   Email

Has anyone noticed that the Jubillee Wood at the side of the car prk at the Village Hall is now showing red,white and blue? From the hall going up to the road the first trees are cvered in vivid red berries,the next section has trees with pure white trunks and the final bit consists of blue pines (?). Is this coincidence or was it cleverly planned at first planting? Does anyone know?

Posted by Janet Ralphs on 02/10/2011

Well done Morag Fully behind the idea. Janet Ralphs

Posted by Morag Gray on 02/10/2011

Could I suggest that the vacant building land near the Village Hall is used for sheltered homes for the elderly. I, for one, would jump at a chance to buy or rent one of these houses, and I know many other older people who would also do the same if they were built and made available. Surely this would be better than allowing this land to lie empty year after year, of no use to anyone. If such houses were built here residents could make much more use of the Village Hall to attend events, to pop in for coffee and a read, to watch sports being played and to watch children enjoying themselves in the play area. Also, there is a bus stop only yards away. Perfect. Perhaps someone on the council or the bulders will read this, and do soemthing about it. Morag Gray

Posted by Mark Young on 26/09/2011

Having been down to the village earlier today to see the construction team, I eagerly logged onto your website to see how the information we passed on was being presented and I was certainly not disappointed. Your site is a fantastic resource for the village and I am absolutely delighted that we have been able to forge such a positive and valuable relationship from the start of this project. Of course, I fully expect your journalistic instincts to keep us on our toes throughout, as indeed you have done during our preparations. Thank you once again for recognising the enormous value that you can bring to the community and for offering the not inconsiderable commitment to helping to provide these regular updates. Mark Young North Yorkshire County Council

Posted by Nigel on 15/08/2011   Email

Can anyone tell me which mobile phone network has the best reception in Bishop Monkton, Thanks in advance.

Posted by Alan Ebbutt on 06/08/2011

You may have noticed the comment in the Bishop Monkton Parish Magazine from Revd Clive Sedgewick, Bradford, Ripon and Leeds Diocesan, Director of Education. This mentions a proposal by St Aidans School in Harrogate to limit admissions to Harrogate Deanery and some adjacent areas. This change would exclude Bishop Monkton from the catchment area. The reasons for this seem somewhat obscure but relate to bus travel and a desire for the school to be more local. This will limit the choices available to children in the village, particularly if a Church of England School is desired. Bishop Monkton PCC has written to St Aidans School questionning this proposal. Others concerned might like to consider adding their voice to this protest by writing to the Head Teacher at St Aidans School. Alan Ebbutt Chairman Bishop Monkton PCC

Posted by liz dudley on 04/08/2011

First time i have used this, myself and family have lived in the village now for almost 7 years and love it, not many people will know us as we havent had the opportunity to get involved much due to our youngest daughters severe disability and ongoing illnesses. We are now at a point to start fundraising for her and are holding our first Summer Raffle in the Masons Arms 6th August from 7pm. Niki is kindly hosting. If anyone is interested tickets can still be purchased from the pub or myself at 21 renton close. Prizes include Leeds Rhino match tickets, Lightwater Valley Passes, Turkish Baths etc. Chloe has 1p36 Deletion Syndrome which is quite rare and comes with a multitude of medical problems along with life long disabilities both physical and learning. She will need 24hr care for the rest of her life. We hope our lovely village neighbours will show their support over the years we get to know you all. She is very sociable and loves to see all the locals, dogs and ducks on her

Posted by Zillah and Simon Horner on 14/07/2011

We agree with Paul as will many other villagers.Thank you Richard,Mervyn and Emma for all your generousosity and unstinting hard work given to this village.

Posted by Paul Wade on 13/07/2011

I read elsewhere on the website that Richard,Mervyn and Emma are standing down from the Village hall committee and that they are quoted as saying they have'done their share'I know that they haven't done it on their own ,but this must be the understatement of the century.When you look over the facilities that we have it represents a truly extraordinary achievement-either in getting things done themselves or encouraging others to add to what they and their team have created.Well done guys.Nice job!

Posted by Chris Higgins on 03/07/2011   Email

I woke up this morning to find a bike dumped on top of the the hedge opposite my driveway where the gate to the allotments is. It is a Peugeot kids mountain bike, 20 inch wheels in pink and black. It is in perfect working order. Can you put a note on the website in case anyone in the village is 'missing' it or knows anything about it. If we get no takers after a couple of weeks then I will clean it up and donate it to a worthy cause. Chris Higgins.

Posted by Carol Cusworth on 27/05/2011   Email

Thank you to everyone for coming to see my mum and to say she really enjoyed seeing all her old friends. A very big thank you to you all for making it such a good day for her. Carol

Posted by Keith Whitfield on 14/05/2011   Email

I read with some amusement the ongoing saga of the cockerel killer, and I begin to wonder why our usually mature minds have degenerated to the level those of infants! I do not agree with anyone taking the law into their own hands in such a manner as to cause distress to their fellow villagers, and would suggest that such a person should be apprehended and placed in the village stocks. We nevertheless should appreciate that an early morning cock crow is not always to be welcomed by everyone! It should also be kept in mind that such an early call is part of country village life, and should be accepted by all and sundry, along with the bracing country smell of manure, cows, silage etc. They all help to clear the head! Anyone not accepting this should look to live elsewhere.

Posted by John Jefferson on 11/05/2011   Email

Who killed the rooster? Daily Mail reports that a mournful silence has fallen on Bishop Monkton after the untimely and macabre death of eight month old Claude the cockerel. Who committed this dastardly crime under cover of darkness? Will the killer be caught before there are more bizarre goings-on in Bishop Monkton? Shock and horror, down here on the south coast, that one of our adorable Light Sussex birds should meet such a sad,untimely end.

Posted by PC Gareth Jones on 08/05/2011   Email

Today I have been called by Jane Gosney to report a shed broken into in her yard and the Light Sussex cockerill that was stolen and redovered has been killed. I would again ask that anyone who has any information that may assist me in my investigation either ring me on 07909686508 or email me at the attached address

Posted by Jane Taplin on 28/04/2011

Ithought you might like to hear the latest instalment of the 'Missing Cockerel Saga. We had a message from a man in Boroughbridge saying he had seen a bantam cockerel walking up his street. A friend of his who keeps poultry caught it and took it home. We went to his house to see if it was Kevin. It wasn't, but we are sure it was Liquorise, the one Unity lost. Another twist to the tale - one of our hens has hatched a chick! So Kevin has left us a legacy! Jane

Posted by Keith Eaton Whitfield on 19/04/2011   Email

I am indeed very pleased to see that Edna Steele is to open the new school extension. I was at the old school in 1940 under the formidable Miss Goss and the quiet Miss Garner who although unqualified, made an excellent job of teaching the infants. She used to cycle from Ripon every day on a large "sit up & beg" bike! Miss Goss conveyed several of us to Ripon in 1941 to sit our 11+ exam, in her little Austin Seven motorcar, a bit of a tight trip! I can remember there was at least four of us in it excluding Miss Goss. I also of course remember Edna & her brother Edmund going, along with a good many others from both Monkton and Burton Leonard, to schools in Ripon throughout WW2, although a lot of us cycled in the good weather. Well done Edna!

Posted by Michael Bowes on 07/04/2011   Email

I wish the 2 legged fox would either realise how lucky it is to live in such a beautiful village or move out!!! Is it just another case of a townie with too much money liking the idea of country life but not willing to accept that with it comes the noise of the countryside! What's their reaction going to be when muck spreading starts!!!

Posted by PC Gareth Jones on 07/04/2011   Email

I would like to ask for the assistance of the residents of the village in connection with this crime. As previously posted the taking of these birds is theft and I would like to hear from anyone who may have information that could help me in my investigation. Please either email me on the attached address or call on 07909686508 Thank You

Posted by Pandora Heap on 07/04/2011

If you choose to live in a country village you have to accept all that comes with it - animals and their noises included. This 'fox' appears to be forgetting one important factor - the freedom of choice. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen!!!

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 06/04/2011   Email

I do hope the victims of this crime have insisted that they be given a crime number from the police as this is theft, the same way that anything else taken from your property without your consent constitutes a crime. I find this deeply troubling, as this 'fox' appears to be selective, choosing only cockerels. Be vigilant out there.

Posted by Countrylass on 06/04/2011

I have followed the cockerel story since it started and this time I'm afraid I am unable to keep my thoughts to myself!! Cockerels are a part of village life, Village life means country life and country values. Birds and animals go hand in hand with that. If some one has taken these defenseless birds out of malice may I suggest that they seriously consider moving elsewhere and let village life continue as it was intended. I work in an extremely deprived area of Leeds, perhaps they would consider a house swap with one of my clients? I do hope so.

Posted by Unity Hield on 06/04/2011

Over the last few days three cockerels have gone missing overnight in Bishop Monkton, and these are not the first. This either points to a very selective fox, as no hens seem to have been taken or an individual who seems unable to accept that cockerels are very much part of village life and have been so over many centuries. My cockerel was shut up at night and therefore could not be accused of crowing in the early hours. His name was Liquorice and whoever did the dastardly deed should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I am now installing CCTV cameras in my garden to ensure that the culprit, be it fox or human, is caught on film and the necessary action can then be taken. What a shame it is to have to go to such lengths in Bishop Monkton. In fifty years of living here I never thought I would have to go to take action to protect my constant companions. Unity Hield. PS Any suggestions for a name for Liquorice's replacement?

Posted by G. Stephenson Jnr. on 02/04/2011   Email

Please don't rule out the traintrams too quickly. I have done checks at all the major interesections in Bishop Monkton and find the hybrid vehicle could negotiate them all. I suggest we switch to this option. In Bishop Monkton we could have stops at the Lamb & Flag, the Masons Arms and the Village Hall. OAPs planning to apply for jobs on the heritage line could easily be retrained to run the tramtrain and maybe could find their own red flags to walk ahead of it when it is going through Bishop Monkton. Whistles, of course, would not be needed. G. Stephenson Jnr.

Posted by Brenda O'Gorman on 02/04/2011

Re spoof: Well done - yet another beauty! Brenda

Posted by Fooled on 02/04/2011

Am I right in thinking that the 'flood alleviation' story was our April Fool spoof? Fooled (name & address supplied.

Posted by Editor on 02/04/2011   Email

Editor's reply to letter above: Touche! But I'm not fooled that you don't know that the 'flood alleviation' story (serious stuff) is for real. And that the 'rail link restoration' story (far from serious)is the spoof. Good try! Richard

Posted by Pam Harland on 30/03/2011   Email

With much regret Mary Brown who currently suffers from Alzeimers is now unable to stay in her own home on St Johns Crescent and has now been moved to Sycamore Hall Care Home Kearsley Drive Ripon on a permanent basis. Mary will now be able to obtain the 24 hour care that is now neede. David and Mary are due to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next January 2012. Thank you to all family and friends for their support. David and his daughters Susan, Pamela and Linda

Posted by Richard Norman on 21/03/2011   Email

Anybody interested in joining me for cycle rides, now the evenings are getting light again? I am new to the area, and trying to get back to past fitness levels, looking for company and local knowledge without the pressure of a club!

Posted by Donna Alexander on 21/03/2011   Email

Not sure who to speak to however could you please pass on the message that the residents of Littlethorpe are also not happy with the road closure. I have spoken to the workmen and can not see why the whole road has to be closed. Traffic lights could be used. Please contact me if any support is needed to go to any authorities. Donna

Posted by ANGRY OAP on 14/03/2011


Posted by The Monkton Twitcher on 06/03/2011

A little bird tells me that his feathered friends, the cockerels of Bishop Monkton, are once again being monitored as a result of more noise nuisance complaints to Harrogate Borough Council. Perhaps someone, under the Freedom of Information Act should find out who this person is and how much council tax-payers' money is being wasted on the persecution of these delightful birds who chorus us into the day, though worryingly there were three living near Ings Lane and there now only appears to be one! Could 'fowl' play be the reason?" The Monkton Twitcher

Posted by Boots Staff Ripon on 17/02/2011

Congratulations to Angie Archbold on completing 30 years of service at the Boots Store, Ripon, Love and Best Wishes from all your friends work.

Posted by Keith Eaton Whitfield on 08/02/2011   Email

John Coonan, I too have been interested in the village pubs/inns and can confirm his list and add some of the landlords. I remember using three in my days in the village. Bishop Monkton Pubs/Inns 1). Dove Inn, Monkton Mains. Innkeeper, Smith Screwton in 1851, 1861 & 1871, Samuel Ascough in 1881. 2). Coach & Horses, Harrogate Road. Licensed Victualler, John Pybus in 1871 & 1881 Rufus Illingworth in 1901 3). Star Inn. Corner of Knaresboro' Rd / St John's Road, Innkeeper, Abraham Dobby in 1881, Thomas Foster in 1891 & Hannah Foster in 1901 4). Mason's Arms. Elizabeth Leaf, Inn keeper in 1841 & 1851, Mary A Slater in 1881. 5). Lamb & Flag. Shoemaker & Farmer, William Dobby in 1851, Ann Peart in 1881 & Harry Slater in 1901 6). Crown Inn. Innkeeper & Carpenter, Joseph Scatchard in 1851 & 1861, William Dennison in 1881, Thos Bellerby in 1891, Albert Hall in 1901. 7). Anchor Inn, Monkton Cut, Boroughbridge Road. Innkeeper and Farmer of the Anchor Inn in 1841 ansd was Robert Thackray.

Posted by Brian Richardson on 30/01/2011   Email

I presume that you are all already aware of the Government's intention to sell off OUR forests. If you feel as strongly as I do about this, perhaps you would like to support the petition against it? If so go to this link

Posted by John Coonan on 26/01/2011   Email

Hello everybody, quite a while ago there was a search for the lost inns / pubs in bishop monkton, I have found seven DOVE INN ANCHOR INN - both mentioned in the 1861 census CROWN INN STAR INN COACH & HORSES LAMB & FLAG MASONS ARMS - in the 1901 census the North Allerton Archives might have some pictures of them dont know if they have all been found? John

Posted by Jenny Meyers on 23/01/2011   Email

I wonder if anyone in the village could use 4 bags of material samples. All new but too good to throw away and I no longer have any use for them. Suitable for someone 'crafty' perhaps. Mixed pattern/plain. Some larger pieces which would be suitable for a variety of uses. Free and from smoke free home! Ring me on 07837949190 and they're yours.

Posted by Morag Gray on 09/01/2011

Re: Mrs Cusworth Thank you to everybody who helped with this request. For information Mrs Cusworth is now a fit 95 year old who is a little deaf. She has moved back into the family home in Goole.

Posted by Ros&Zac Eriwata on 08/01/2011   Email

Looking forward to being back in B.M. in Feb. Fond memories joining in the christmas carols a couple of hours upon our arrival and meeting everyone back in 2004 while being asked by locals who we were and how long we'd been in Bishop Monkton and saying we'd arrived from Australia just to join in the carol singing... bit of a laugh and we had a great time meeting all those surprised at our visit. Really looking forward to catching up again in Feb and by the way congratulations on your great website, good to see the pics etc. Cheers from the Southern Highlands, south of Sydney.

Posted by Sarah Worthington on 06/01/2011

Michael and I along with Bernard and Mary would like to say a big thankyou for all the help and support we have had over the last few months from our friends and customers in Bishop Monkton. Special thanks must also go to Bishop Monkton HANDS service in particular Rodney Wilson, Roger and Gloria Baker who ensured that Dad was able to attend his Scan today. Bishop Monkton Community is one of the best and your good wishes have meant alot to us all.

Posted by Editor on 19/12/2010   Email

I refer to the letter from Anon saying that the names of the people who created the wonderful floral displays at the church were not given in our report. I was specifically asked not to give these names because the organisers felt that so many people had been involved in all the hard work that it would be better not to mention anyone. Sorry! Editor

Posted by Pauline Chick on 19/12/2010

I must agree with Anon. The flower arrangers did a wonderful job and must have put in so much work so near to Christmas, it would have been lovely to have known who they were.

Posted by Anon on 19/12/2010

What a pity that credit was not given the the ladies/gentlemen who created the wonderful floral decorations in the church this weekend.

Posted by Dorothy Bowes on 11/12/2010   Email

Congratulations on the new website, Richard. I can just imagine all the hard work it entailed making the transfer. Dorothy Bowes, Australia

Posted by Edna Steele on 10/12/2010

CONGRATULATIONS TO HANDS on their first birthday. It has been a great comfort to know that we can call for help when needed. John and I have been most grateful for lifts to hospital etc. During this bad weather we have had help with shopping and lifts also a lady has kept our paths clear of snow. A BIG thank you to all concerned . Yours gratefully Edna & John Steele.

Posted by Beatrice Atkinson on 09/12/2010   Email

Subject: Massive fireball over Bishop Monkton Message: Last evening, at around 5.40pm, on our way to the school's spectacular interpretation of Macbeth, we saw a large ball of fire with a large tail, very low, turning green/blue before disapearing silently into the dark sky... it was so beautiful! We gasped and forgot to make a wish... Actually, it was a massive Geminid meteorid, ejected not from an instinct comet named 3200 Phaethon (Phaethon is a rocky skeleton of a comet that lost its ice after too many close encounters with the sun). Earth runs into a stream of debris from 3200 Phaethon every year in mid-December, causing meteors to fly from the constellation Gemini... Watch the sky on Dec 14th, may have a chance to see it again! http://science.nas/

Posted by Angie on 08/12/2010   Email

Our Family also has a long Hilly Fields history. We must all remember to say a BIG thankyou to the land owner who over the years has let countless children/Adults have hours of fun in the snow

Posted by Jonathan Beer on 03/12/2010

SNOWBOUND BISHOP MONKTON; In the spirit of "the big society" which already exists in a big way in our village I would like to put forwARD TO THE Parish Council and the village two suggestions which may help us improve our local efforts to combat future big freezes. 1.The purchase of a snowblade-plough which can be fitted to a tractor.If we could then have on standby a willing farmer to hook up to the plough the village main street and surrounding roads and lanes (which rarely see a NYCC gritter) could be cleared very quickly.Payment would be made for the retainer/hours of tractor use tractor use. I am sure the capotal cost of the equipment could quickly be raised in the village. 2.A sand box located on Moor Road on the hill adjacent to the cross roads. This stretch of road is not a priority gritting area and has been like a skating ring this week with cars often sliding down the hill in to the Boroughbridge Road. Village views?

Posted by Mo Fleming on 09/11/2010

Your website looks brilliant.

Posted by Laura Johnson on 08/11/2010

I love the new Website! It's great being able to see what everyone is getting up to in the village from over here in Texas, I do miss you all!

Posted by Pandora Heap on 04/11/2010

I agree with Zilla. Recently I have seen posters advertising a forth coming event in a very well known establishment stapled onto trees and telegraph poles around the centre of the village. Personally I thought they did look very unsightly. If we all started doing this to advertise our events the village would indeed start to look very tatty. We have several notice boards strategically placed around the village. Please use them.

Posted by Zillah Horner on 03/11/2010

I am not the phantom bill unsticker but I do have sympathy with people who see bill sticking as unsightly.Some of the problem is also that they are left up after the event to get rain sodden and tattered.If everyone put up posters anywhere they fancied it would be to the detriment of the village.

Posted by Sheila Parsons on 02/11/2010

Great new site, Richard. Re the phantom poster snatcher. I was wondering where all my posters for From Here To Absurdity ( a Bishop Monkton Entertainments Group presentation) had gone. I spent a very long time and a lot of effort creating those postersand Richard and Tina Harper spent time putting them up. I am not amused.

Posted by Brian Richardson on 30/10/2010   Email

Can I say how excellent the new village website is. It's a treat to use but must have taken hours of hard work.

Posted by Ann Plummer on 30/10/2010   Email

I have just spent three days at Church Farm in your village with my friend and my dog (Rio) and would like to say what a lovely village Bishop Monkton is and how much we enjoyed our stay. I am sure we will be back in the future and will certainly make recommendations. I checked your website before we came and thought what a wonderful community spirit there seemed to be. Carry on the good work.

Posted by Emma Oates on 29/10/2010   Email

I've just had a look at the new web site - looks great! Well done. Emma.

Posted by Paul Heap on 28/10/2010   Email

Great new website. Paul Heap.

Posted by Maureen Fay on 26/10/2010   Email

Congratulations on the launch of your new website. That must be a great relief, after a lot of hard work!

Posted by Pip and Peter Garside on 26/10/2010   Email

Well Done Richard! It is fantastic - much easier to navigate and full of useful information.

Posted by Tony Robinson on 26/10/2010

Very interesting and well constructed site. Tony Robinson.

Posted by Keith Whitfield on 26/10/2010   Email

Well done Richard, let's hope that I can negotiate through it OK!

Posted by Christopher Cornwell on 26/10/2010

Well done! Excellent site - duly placed in Favourites. Christopher

Posted by The Hobbs on 26/10/2010

Great to see the new website up and running! Congratulations! The Hobbs Family, Belgium.

Posted by Rebecca Lamont on 25/10/2010

Congratulations on the new website. It looks terrific.

Posted by Kathryn Bethel on 25/10/2010

You are to be congratulated on all that must have gone into getting up the new website. Kathryn

Posted by Alex Pemberton on 24/10/2010   Email

Perhaps a bit late in the day but with reference to the school run bridge parking comments of May and June this year, I was recently speaking to a fireman from Ripon and he said that they will break the windows of any vehicle impeding their access to move it and the damage is the owner's problem. The frequent double parking on the bridge effectively reduces it to a single track road. Perhaps double yellow lines and the occasional attendance of the police at 'school run' times might re-educate these inconsiderate motorists.

Posted by Michaela Leitner on 18/10/2010   Email

Dear friends, Some years have passed but time did not stop us (Hannes, Michaela, Martin and Eva) to think and speak about our year in Bishop Monkton a lot. Our hearts are full of lovely memories of a fantastic year. People in Bishop Monkton just "adopted" us straight away although we were strangers from Austria. I well remember the day when we arrived at the village the first time and Mary from the village shop helped us to find our house in St. John`s Road rented out by Mr. and Mrs. Behrens who agreed immediately to our moving in. At the same time Margaret Lodge made sure Martin and Eva could enroll at Bishop Monkton Primary School while Hannes and I started our jobs as foreign language assistants in Harrogate and Knaresborough. Mrs. White, Mrs. Western and Mrs. Bond from the school took care of our children with very open minds and big hearts although the two could hardly understand a word of English - what a challenge for the teachers. We will never forget their first day of sch