2019 results

LEVEL PLAY LEAGUE (l win, 1 defeat)

A good win against Ben Rhydding

Our Level Play team scored a useful 8-4 win against Ben Ryhdding to record their first win of the season.

This was a closely fought match with our team running 53 hoops against Ben Rhydding's 50.

Man of the match was Chris Higgins who won all three of his singles.

Team: Jack Upsall, John Feeny and Chris Higgins.


A tough opening match at Sheffield

We came up against tough opposition for our opening match of the season in the Level Play League.

The Sheffield team included two players on handicap 2 and one on 5 against our team's  4, 7 and 10.

We ended up going down 3-9 despite some close matches.

Bishop Monkton team: Jack Upsall, Izzy Poyntz and Ian Galloway.


HANDICAP LEAGUE (1 win, 1 draw)

Hurrah! - our first League win of the season

Checking scores after the match. A plate of home made cakes provides temptation on the side.

Lunch again almost proved the undoing of our Handicap League team in their away match against York U3A on June 5.

Before the break we were on an impressive winning streak, clocking  up six wins in the seven matches played. Then the lunch gong sounded and after consuming the contents of neatly packed lunch boxes prepared by doting partners, things began to unravel.

Nobody quite knows why but our afternoon performance lacked the lustre it had shown in the morning, with York clocking up three wins to our two. Happily for us our pre-lunch successes meant we still ran out winners by 8 to 4, although hoops run (77 v 67) showed that the match was a much closer run thing than the end score suggested.  

New instructions for the permitted contents of our lunch boxes will be issued shortly!

Bishop Monkton team: Ian MacPherson, Richard Field and Ian Galloway.  


An honourable draw at Brodsworth

The match in progress in front of the impressive Brodsworth Hall.

Our Yorkshire League programme started on Thursday, May 16 with an away match against Brodsworth. This was the first match using the new three member format.

The home team were runners-up in last year's Handicap League so were known to be formidable opponents.

The match was keenly contested, with Brodsworth often slightly ahead, but ended in an honourable 6-6 draw.

Bishop Monkton team: Jack Upsall, Richard Field and Ann Hales.


FRIENDLIES (1 win, 2 loses)

Why we were awarded extra slices of cake

If the plan had been to lull our veteran opponents into a false sense of security, by losing the ‘away’ match (albeit gracefully), with a view to turning the tables at the ’home’ match, then things could hardly have gone better.  

By lunchtime, we were behind by our customary margin of 20 points, and the slide continued gently through the afternoon, with the final score being 146 -115 hoops in favour of Ripon. Indeed, we put such a brave face on it in defeat that we were awarded extra slices of cake at tea. 

A very enjoyable day, despite the dire weather forecast, and a creditable performance from our relatively inexperienced team of: Ian and Sara MacPherson, Martin and Kathryn Bethel, Colin and Hilary Philpott, Liz Kimbell, Patrick Davey and John Feeny.

Book your places now to watch the return fixture on August 20!


Continuing as we do mean to go on!

Our team travelled to York, the home of Yorkshire croquet, for a friendly match against York U3A hoping to do rather better than we did in our first game of the season when we went down by 91 to 101 to Ben Rhydding.

Strenuous training, early nights and a strict diet imposed on the team, should, it was hoped, produce a better result this time.

And things got off to a good start with all 12 matches before lunch going our way. This was going to be a cake walk, we began to think.

But perhaps too many sandwiches and cakes at lunch caused a wave of lethargy to set in causing a  shock turnaround in our fortunes after the resumption, with the scoreboard started going the wrong way.  In this half York won five of the 12 matches and one was drawn, but our strong start still meant we ran out winners by 115 to 89.

Perhaps happily for us a darkening sky midway through the afternoon and the first drops of rain sent us scurrying to the tea room where we skulked munching more cake until it was time to go home. A lucky let off, perhaps!

Bishop Monkton team: Richard Field (captain), John Feeny, Ian and Sara MacPherson, Patrick and Jill Davey, Liz Kimbell and Pat Field. 


Starting as we don’t mean to go on!

Tea, sympathy and home-made cakes lessen the pain!

Our first Friendly match of the season, vs Ben Rhydding at home on May 7, began in a steady drizzle and went downhill all the way until pouring rain caused an early break for lunch. By that time, our visitors had raced to a lead of nearly 20 points. 

Whether it was the stern team talk at lunchtime, with the threat of no cake for tea, or the arrival of some sunshine as we resumed afterwards, our fortunes changed in the afternoon, and by the close we were only 10 points adrift. A creditable fightback, especially as several members of our team had never played a match before.

The final result was Ben Rhydding 101, Bishop Monkton 91. We look forward to gaining our revenge later in the summer.

Our team: Ian Macpherson, Liz Kimbell, Ian Galloway, Patrick Davey, Christine Feeny, Richard Field, Colin Philpott, Hilary Philpott, Ann Hales and John Feeny.


FRIENDLIES (U3A) (1 defeat)

Narrow defeat for weakened team 

Several of U3A's strongest players were unable to play in this opening match of the season against Brodsworth at home on Wednesday, June 5..

After the first five hoops our team was only three hoops down but after that it went sharply downhill, with the end result  being a defeat by  95 - 109.