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New Councillor and Clerk named

THE PARISH COUNCIL announced the names of the new Councillor and the new Clerk at its meeting on Thursday.  Pam Harland has been co-opted as Councillor and Keith Pettitt has been confirmed as Parish Clerk. The two positions became vacant following recent resignations.

For more details switch to PARISH COUNCIL.


Is this all just a pipe dream?

PIPE SMOKING David Richold thinks he may be Bishop Monkton’s last pipe smoker. He recalls that there used to be about five left in the village, but he thinks all have either died or moved away. Does anyone else in the village still smoke a pipe? If so, please send details to so they can be put  in touch with David who is keen to start a Pipe Smokers’ Club. Or is that just a pipe dream?

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Budding artist Luke

LUKE COSTELLOE is proud to show off his artwork which won him a prize for best picture from Bishop Monkton Primary School at the summer Produce Show.


Did you say £3,000, Mr Bear?

CASHIER Martin Minett receives some shock news from Mr Bear about the attendance  and the takings at Sunday night's big Autumn Auction held at the Lamb & Flag.  The event drew the biggest crowd for years and proceeds, which will be spent on improving Village Hall security, totalled just over £3,000 - one of the largest totals ever, from the 300 items sold. 

Go to NEWS/Autumn Auction to see more pictures.


Revised planning application

A REVISED planning application to build five houses on this area of land adjoining Boroughbridge Road has been submitted to Harrogate Borough Council Planning. The deadline for comments is October 28 (quote application number 16/03997/FULMAJ) and should be sent to Harrogate Borough Council Planning Services, PO Box 787, Harrogate HG1 9RW.


Happy birthday!

BIRTHDAY GIRL Katie Oates and her music teacher Don entertain guests at her big 18th birthday party at the weekend.

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  • Overall winner

    Anne Bettridge receives the trophy as Overall Winner at the Produce, Arts & Crafts Show from Show Organiser Chris Procter. She narrowly beat Pauline Beecroft for the top award.  The event attracted entries in 95 classes across eight different categories. 

  • Goodbye Jonathan

    JONATHAN SINGH, Priest at St John Baptist Church for the past two years, has announced his resignation. He is stepping down because of the increased pressure of his work as a senior manager at St Leonard's Hospice in York as well as his church role. He will continue to officate at services in the village this month and leave us in early December.

  • School archers

    THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR has got off to a great start for sport at Bishop Monkton School. There have been successes at archery, cross-country and swimming. Watch out for reports and pictures of future successes!

  • Cups for Pauline

    PAULINE BEECROFT receives the Ladies Trophy from Chairman David Blyfield at the Bowling Club's presentation of awards. Pauline also won the Random Pairs Trophy partnered by Sandra Roberts.

  • Local History Club

    RESEARCHING facts about The Old Mill (photo above) could be one of a number of projects which will be undertaken by the new Local History Group.  We now have 15 villagers who are keen to get it started - so we will definitely go ahead although the launch will be delayed until the New Year. 

  • New Gardening Club

    A GARDENING CLUB is also likely to be formed in Bishop Monkton in the New Year.  The club will not be restricted to just Bishop Monkton residents but will also be open to anyone from the surrounding villages. If interested contact either Colin or Glenda Hunter - tel 01765 676795 or e-mail them on 

  • Harvest Festival

    ABUNDANCE: The display which welcomed those attending the Harvest Festival service at the Parish Church. A Harvest Festival service also took placde in the Methodist Church a week later.


1943 crash:
the complete

Erik Wieman, co-founder of the German team which discovered the site in Germany where Sgt Renton (whose name is honoured on Bishop Monkton War Memorial) died, has just posted a fascinating report about the whole episode on his own website.
Erik is travelling over from Germany to attend the Remembrance Day service on November 13 at St. John Baptist Church when he will return some of the items recovered from the crash site to members of the Renton family.
You can read Erik's webpage (if you understand German) by clicking here.

A new page featuring people you know - things you may not know about them

Looking for
your feedback

A major consultation exercise has been launched to find out what people want from North Yorkshire Police to help them ‘Be Safe, Feel Safe’.
Feedback from the consultation will be used to produce a new Police and Crime Plan which will set the future direction of the force over the next three years.
Bishop Monkton villagers are invited to participate in this exercise by taking part in an on-line survey giving their views on how communities like ours could and should be protected from crime. Send you ideas by downloading a survey form available 
at and returning it when completed.
Later meetings will be held across the area to discuss the way forward.

Where have all the ducks gone?


 The village ducks, almost our most famous natural attribute, appear to have deserted us.
Where have they gone? Have they been discretely 'culled'?   Have they finished on someone's dinner plate? Or have they simply flown off to sunnier climes?
This perennial and recurring concern is being taken up by Bishop Monkton Parish Council who, in their new newsletter, have undertaken to look at the issue 'Ducks - where are they and how can we encourage them back'. 
We await their report with interest - and some trepidation about what they find.
The October newsletter has recently been distributed to every household in the village.
To read it go to PARISH COUNCIL/newsletters.
Last collection date

Green waste  collections for this year will end on Friday, December 9. The last dates for collections depend upon which week the recycling is collected. 
The last collections will be  during the weeks commencing November 28 and December 5..
Green waste  collections will restart during the weeks commencing March 13 and 20 March 20 next year
You can check  your future waste and recycling dates on


333,333 'hits' on website
The number of visitors to this website since it was started on 28 January 2005 has recently passed the third of a million mark!
Can any village of our size beat that?

Parish Council website
Bishop Monkton Parish Council has launched its own website which will report news of meetings and outcomes of it meetings and other matters of interest to the Parish.
To view site go to

Tickets on sale

Tickets for Blithe Spirit, The Entertainment Group's latest production, will go on sale at £8 each at the Methodist Schoolroom on the following consecutive Saturday mornings (October 15/22/28) from 10am until 12 noon.
Alternatively tickets can be puchased on line at

A senior moment 
at Cape

Chris Higgins visits the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.
Go to ASTRONOMY column/Sept/Oct. 

Does anyone deserve
to win an Oscar?

Do you know anyone in Bishop Monkton who deserves to be nominated for a Volunteering Oscar?
This is the ninth year these Oscars have been awarded in Harrogate Borough Council area, and if you know anyone who has done a lot of active voluntary work in the village why not nominate them?
You could either mention their name to a member of Bishop Monkton Parish Council or you could nominate the person yourself by going on line at or you could phone 01423 540541 and a paper form will be sent to you. Completed forms must be returned before Monday, October 10

David moves up world rankings

David Widdison
, a member of the Bishop Monkton Croquet Club, has just lost in the final of the Lake Toxaway Invitational Tournament in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. He was competing against two of the US team who have been selected to play in the World Championships. David has now moved up the rankings to 27th in this country and 166th in the world.
Go to CROQUET CLUB/club news.
Super Wednesday
Members of Bishop Monkton Croquet Club took part in Super Wednesday last week. This involved almost 12 hours of croquet and croquet-related activities.
The day included a match spread across six lawns, the AGM in the afternoon, and a supper and presentation awards in the evening.
Quite a day for croquet enthusiasts!

Yorkshire Champions 
Bishop Monkton Croquet Club's team in the Level Play League are Yorkshire champions this year. The success came after the team overwhelmed Sheffield U3A, the previous League leaders, by 16-4. 
Also go to CROQUET CLUB/2016 winners.

Any budding
authors out there?

Malcolm Mcawthra has written to us to say he has seen reference on this website to a booklet entitled Monkton Matters  and wonders if it is still available. 
We have replied saying that the booklet was produced in July 1988 by the now defunct Village Conservation Society with quite a small print run and now quite rare and hard to find. 
Maybe an update should await formation of the planned Local History Group.

The last word

You can't complain
we don't keep
you informed!

The Parish Council has just launched its own website which is good news for villagers who like to be kept aware of all that is being undertaken by that newly-reformed body.
The site can be accessed on  and will provide detailed information about the work of the Council and its on-going decisons and plans. On the village website we will continue to provide 'edited higlights' about its work, and also, of course, continue to report on activities from throughout the village.
So, in addition to this long-established village website, we now have three specialist websites adding to the communciations mix.
Apart from the Parish Council's launch, you can read about Bishop Monkton Pimary School on   and about the Entertainments Group (and book tickets for its productions) on
In addition, of course, there is the Parish Magazine which provides an excellent coverage of Church affairs and also includes coverage of some of the main village news. The magazine is, of course, also invaluable to those villagers who are still not on-line.
So nobody can complain that Bishop Monkton doesn't offer villagers a wonderful mix of communication options!

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Have you got a (very brief) comment on a current issue, a niggle or a query? If so, send it for publication in FEEDBACK.

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