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Teaching us how!

'THE OVERTIMERS', a team  which included teachers from our school, taught the other 14 teams a thing or two in the Easy Peasy Quiz at the Village Hall.
Go to NEWS/Easy Peasy Quiz for full report.


Help us create
a photo archive

TODAY we launch a new series on this website entitled Preserving Our Heritage.  Each week we will publish a different old picture or pictures of the village and invite you to answer questions about them which could help us build up a village photo archive.

Go to VILLAGE ARCHIVE to view the first old pictures.

Not a job for the
faint hearted!

STEEPLEJACKS at work this week checking the tower of the Parish Church. It was a particularly windy day so not a job for the faint hearted! The tower is checked every five years to ensure the structure is safe.
For more details go to PARISH CHURCH/ Steeplejacks at work.

Photo: Jennifer Barker

A 'miracle' in
The Gambia
WE TAKE IT FOR GRANTED having clean, safe running water. But for residents of a village in the north of  The Gambia its a wonderful new experience, and it comes thanks to an ambitious project organised by Ripon Rotary Club and The Inner Wheel of Ripon.
To read more go to NEWS/'Miracle' in The Gambia.

Art gallery closes

FLASHBACK to June 2007 - just one of scores of delightful exhibitions staged at the Hield Gallery and hosted by Unity Hield over the years. Now, sadly, the gallery is to close.
Go to NEWS/End of a village institution for longer report.

Where were you on

28 January 2005?

TEN YEARS AGO: On 28 January 2005, hundreds of us converged on the then new Village Hall to witness its official opening. Here is part of the crowd listening to Richard Houseman make one of the opening speeches. Were you there?
COMING SOON: A special feature to mark the 10th anniversary of the opening of our then new Village Hall. Watch out for it!




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GENERAL NEWS ITEMS (click on photo for more)
  • Plans await decision

    This new proposal for the layout of the development off Knaresborough Road, adjacent to the Village Hall and Playing Fields, has come in for criticism from some villagers. The plan will be discussed by Harrogate BC Planning this month. 

  • Guy Fawkes night!

    Members of Bishop Monkton Croquet Club came out of hibernation to enjoy their annual dinner at The Guy Fawkes Inn, Scotton
    The new season starts towards the end of April.

  • The start of Lent

    The ceremony of Ashing formed part of an Ash Wednesday service attended by both Anglicans and Methodists at the Parish Church.
    Hear what Ashing involves and means.

  • £5,000 for Village Hall

    Bishop Monkton Tabe Tennis Club has presented the Village Hall & Playing Fields with almost £5,000 for their funds. This makes the club far far  the largest single donor.

  • MP on visit

    JULIAN SMITH, MP for Skipton and Ripon,  was guest speaker at the dinner of The Ripon Club, and here is being  welcomed by Peter Hopkins, club Chairman. Also seen are Richard Field and John Hague from Bishop Monkton.  

  • Shepherd's delight

    Susan Feist took this month's Picture of the Month. It shows a striking sunset over ther old allotments in the village.

  • Our night sky

    Be sure not to miss the second of a monthly series of columns on local astronomy, Chris's Backyard Astonomy, by Chris Higgins. Click photo on left to go to this new feature.

  • School team successes

    Pupils from Bishop Monkton School took part in the Sports Hall Athletics and performed well, with two teams winning overall places.

  • Bath time for elephants

    See where ophan baby elephants are brought after their mothers may have been killed by poachers. They are restored to good ehalth and later returned to the wild.  Pictures by Richard Field in Sri Lanka.



THEN - as it was in 1891

AND NOW - in 2015

Last week we published the top picture above, taken in 1891 showing guests being entertained to Sunday afternoon tea in the garden of a cottage in this village.

The cottage is still here (but the guests have left!) and we asked readers if they could identify which cottage it is.
Several of you thought it was Burngarth (the 'cockerel' cottage) but you were wrong.
However two readers, obviously budding detectives, correctly named it as Burnside Cottage, also shown above, which is located opposite the Masons Arms.
The new tenents of the cottage are Deborah Rogers, a community nurse, and her partner, Darryl Heys, who is caretaker at the village school.  They were interested to see our picture of their garden as it was over 100 years ago!
Go to PICTURES/Down Memory Lane

A special treat
The popular Friday morning coffee morning, held each month at the Parish Church, offers a special treat on Friday, March 6.
The 25-strong School Choir will be entertaining visitors at 10 30am during the session. Something to look forward to!

In the night sky
INSIDE we publish the second in the monthly series, Chris's Backyard Astronomy. In it he will describe the Bishop Monkton celestial sphere and how to spot the most famous and easily seen of all the constellations.
To read go to ASTRONOMY column/February.

Who's lived here
the longest?

We'd like to find out who has lived in Bishop Monkton for the longest time.  
If you have lived in the village for 40, 50, 60 or even longer we'd like to hear from you, telling us when and where you first resided. It doesn't matter if you've lived in different houses in the village but you mustn't have been away for more than five years.
You can sent the details yourself, or ask a relative or friend to sent details on your behalf. Any relevant photos would be welcome, too.
We hope to publish a full list of all those who have lived here for 40 years and more, and include any photos or details about those named if they care to send them to us.
Please send your replies to

Exciting times ahead
This year is going to be an exciting one for our village with several special anniversaries to be marked with special events and features.
For more details go to NEWS/Exciting year ahead.

A tearful farewell

Monty, who has been part of the Kinnear family in Bishop Monkton for the past year, has gone to 'big school' so Maureen and Andrew have had to say a sad farewell. Monty will now go on to advanced training as a guide dog.
'He has been a delight to have in our lives over the last year. I'm sure he will  do me proud', sad Maureen.

Inspiration on hand
Businessmen and women - are you ready to be inspired?
Here's how - attend a Pop-Up Business Cafe which will be open at Ripon Cathedral on Tuesday, March 10 from 10 30am to 2 30pm.
To find out more go to

Thanks from MP
Julian Smith, MP for Skipton and Ripon, read about the popularity of our outside table tennis table on the playing field, and how disappointed we were when a box, containing bats and balls and left under the table for people to use, was vandalised.
He has now sent the Table Tennis Club a donation and asked that the money be spent on providing a replacement box, which can be filled with bats and balls, and left under the table again as soon as the better weather returns.
'It is certainly good to have something like this for the use and enjoyment of the village,' he told us.

Workhouse connections
One person in 10 will have an ancester who was in a workhouse at some time.
This two day event, organised by Ripon Museums Trust, will provide a chance for local residents and groups to learn more about workhouses and how they operated in Victorian times. Included will  a guided tour of Ripon Workhouse Museum and the workhouse site, one of the best preserved such sites in the country.The normal full price of attending this event is £180 but RMT are offering free places (excluding the Friday evening talk and dinner) to local residents and groups.
Interested? For more information contact the organiser,

Trophy retained
Bishop Monkton Croquet Club has retained the Yorkshire League Division 2 Trophy for the second year running. Last year it was won by the club's 'B' team and this year it passed to the club's U3A team.  The trophy was presented at the Yorkshire Federation's AGM in York.
Go to CROQUET for fuller report.

Watch out for toads
I am reminded by Unity Hield that the season for toads and frogs to make their annual migration to breeding sites will soon be upon us and action needs to be taken if they are not to die out.
A major crossing site has always been on the Boroughbridge road by the old army  site. Every year there seem to be fewer and fewer and Unity asks drivers to take care to avoid running them over on that road. Otherwise, she warns, future generations may never see frogs or toads.
There is a charity called 'Froglife' which can be contacted at or on 01733 602102 who can offer advice to anyone willing to help.

Whatever next?
In order to raise funds for Bishop Monkton Bowling Club they have brought us horse racing, snail racing - and now it's to be pig racing (or should it be trotting?)
The event will be at The Village Hall on Saturday, March 7 and promises punters the chance to bring home the bacon!
Fuller details in WHAT'S ON and COMING EVENTS.

Easy-Peasy Quiz

This year's village quiz, well named as the Easy-Peasy Quiz, was held at the Village Hall on Saturday evening and enjoyed by all.
The quiz was organised jointly by the Parish Church and the School, and proceeds will be shared by these two institutions..
Go to GUESTBOOK for comments on event. 

Bishop Monkton Methodists have been pleased to welcome The Rev. Superindendent Ruth Parry as their new Minister. She succeeds The Rev. Dr. Pat Malham.

Isobel Wilson, the ultra efficient Village Hall Bookings Co-ordinator,  will be stepping down from the job as from June. This was announced at the AGM of the Village Hall and QE2 Field Committee held at the Village Hall.
A warm letter of appreciation for her wonderful work has been sent to her by Gerald Shervington, Chairman of the Village Hall and QE2 Field Committee
Isobel's successor will be named shortly.


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