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Looking for a  new Councillor



 ........and a Clerk

A new Parish Council Clerk will also be appointed following the decision of Jane Mosley to step down. Keith Pettitt has taken over as temporary Parish Clerk. He can be contacted as follows:  e-mail:  - Mobile: 07951 648056. Home: 01765 677703. 



Plenty of bull's eyes!

THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR has got off to a great start for sport at Bishop Monkton School. There have been successes at archery, cross-country and swimming.

For more go to SCHOOL


No. 1 picnic spot!

GREAT SPOT FOR A PICNIC: Members of Skipton U3A Walking Group found an excellent spot for their picnic while passing through the village on a ramble yesterday - sitting on the three bridges which span the beck alongside Boroughbridge Road. 'We couldn't imagine a better spot', said one.


Resignation of Parish Priest

THE REV'D. DR. JONATHAN SINGH, House for Duty Priest at St John Baptist Church for the past 2½ years, announced his resignation at Sunday's service. He is stepping down because of the increased pressure of his work as a senior manager at St Leonard's Hospice in York as well as his church role. He will continue to officate at services in Bishop Monkton and Burton Leonard in November and will leave our village in early December.

For full report go to NEWS/ Resignation and to read tributes which have been paid to him.


Happy birthday!

BIRTHDAY GIRL Katie Oates and her music teacher Don entertain guests at her big 18th birthday party at the weekend.

Go to NEWS/Katie's 18th to read more.


Why so little thunder?

A FANTASTIC lightning storm lit up the night sky over Bishop Monkton on Tuesday night - but, oddly, there was very little thunder (see Guestbook).  Chris Higgins, who took the picture, has obtained an explanation from the Met Office for the phenomenon.  It is called 'cloud to cloud lightning' and is caused when adjacent clouds have opposite charges. It is quite unusual to capture compared with the common 'cloud to ground lightning'. The lack of sound associated with the discharges is due to relatively slow speed of travel of the discharge.


Gents win again

THE GENTLEMEN beat the Ladies in the traditional end-of season Bowling Club match. Basil Birchal receives the trophy from Club Chairman David Blyfield while Pauline Beecroft offers her congratulations. There's another year to gain our revenge, she thinks!

Go to BOWLING/news and pictures.


Cricket cover up

BISHOP MONKTON cricketers with one of the three covers which have been provided for them by Kebbell Homes. The covers, valued at  around £4,000, will be used to protect the square before the match and again during the match when it rains.  Kebbell are building the new housing development between Knaresborough Road and the playing fields.


David wins again

DAVID WIDDISON won the Croquet Club's men's championship for a fourth time on Sunday. He is seen here receiving his trophy from Richard Field, the runner-up.

For more go to CROQUET CLUB/club championships.


Dramatic finish in schools' final

KEEN TUSSLE: There was a dramatic end to the Lord Taverners' Under 14's Yorkshire Schools County Final which was played out on Bishop Monkton Cricket ground on Thursday. The match was between Driffield School and Shelley College, Huddersfield.

For details go to CRICKET CLUB/ Schools cricket.


Anyone for skittles?

FANCY THIS?  The Village Hall Committee is wondering whether skittles would be a popular new internal sport to be played at the Village Hall.  To help them decide we invite villagers to say whether or not they might play if it were installed.  Please help by sending your views to Lesley Shervington on 677564 or by e-mail to


Anne triumphs as  Overall Winner

ANNE BETTRIDGE receives the trophy as Overall Winner at the Produce, Arts & Crafts Show from Show Organiser Chris Procter. She narrowly beat Pauline Beecroft for the top award.  

The event, held on Sunday at the Village Hall, attracted entries in 95 classes across eight different categories. A large number of villagers toured the show and watched the prizes being presented.

For full report, list of the main winners and a wide range of pictures switch to NEWS/Produce Show 2016


Calling all gardeners!

This is Roger and Gloria Baker's garden which was named Best Flower Garden at the Produce Show.  In view of the interest in gardens, Colin and Glenda Hunter are asking whether there would be interest in forming a Gardening or Horticultural Group in the village.  A blooming good idea, you might think!

To read more about the suggestion go to ORGANISATIONS/Gardening Group idea. 


A fantastic week

RAISING THE FLAG: Youngsters enjoying themselves at the Methodist Church Summer Holiday Club. Twenty three young 'Polar Explorers' attended the week long programme of learning, playing and having fun in this ever-popular village institution. Everyone present had a fantastic time!

For more go to NEWS/Summer Holiday Club 



New theory about

1943 air crash

A FULL PAGE report from the ManheimmerMorgen, the big morning paper in Manheim, Germany. It tells the full story of the recent discovery of the crash site where an RAF Stirling bomber crashed in 1943, killing all the crew including Sgt Reginald Renton, whose name is honoured on Bishop Monkton War Memorial.  The report includes a theory about why this plane crashed.

Go to NEWS/air crash theory.


League winners for  a fourth year

Members of Bishop Monkton Bowling Club men's team who have won the Dalesman League for the fourth consecutive year, with two games to spare. They are Basil Birchall (Captain), Mervyn Beecroft, Keith Alderson, Danny O'Connell, Bill Humphreys, John Kerr, with Ken Montgomery and Steve Roberts (kneeling)  Another triumph for Bishop Monkton!

For more bowls news go to BOWLING.


Mountain village!

NO, they are not turning Bishop Monkton into a mountain village!   These huge piles of top soil will soon disappear as the site for the new development alongside the village playing field is levelled and starts to take shape. 

THE SHAPE of things to come - an eclectic mix of homes in a lovely setting.


Five little piggies ...

click here to watch them racing

For more videos go to HOG ROAST 2016/Hog Roast videos


Got a head for    this game?

A NEW GAME for the Village Hall? Perhaps not but it's fun to watch!



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RECENT NEWS ITEMS (click on photo for more)
  • Honour for village

    Richard Field being interviewed by TV presenter Fiona Phillips after receiving a British Citizen Award at the House of Lords. He told her what an amazingly go-ahead, dynamic and caring village he lives in, and how so many lovely people in Bishop Monkton make things happen. 

  • Life in our village

    AT A JOINT SERVICE at the School the Life of Bishop Monkton, and all that goes on here, was celebrated. Details of the many activities undertaken and the many wonderful outcomes achieved during the past year were detailed. 

  • Defibrillator briefing

    THIRTY VOLUNTEERS from groups which use the Village Hall and playing fields received a briefing on how to use the new defibrillator which has been installed outside the hall. 

  • Anyone for boules?

    Next season we could be playing boules on the village playing field. Plans are being considered to sink a boules court which will be located in a triangular area alongside the path to the Village Hall.

  • Cassius remembered

    Richard Field, while working as young journalist in America, met an equally young Cassius Clay (who later became Muhammad Ali) when he returned to his home town of Lousiville, Kentucky, as a Gold Medal winner in the Olympics. Ali,  who went on to become recognised as the greatest boxer of all time, died recently.

  • Mary Brown dies

    We are sad to report the death of Mary Brown who had resided in Bishop Monkton for over 54 years. She passed away on Tuesday, August 9, after a long illness, living with Alzheimers for the past 15 years. The funeral took place at St John's Parish Church, Bishop Monkton, on Monday,  August 22.  

  • All cock-a-hoop

    THIS PAGE from the Daily Mail, which tells the story of Bishop Monkton's famous Cockadoodle Cottage, has put our village firmly back in the national spotlight. 


Lucy is keen to join the hunt!

Key role for
dog walkers

Bishop Monkton dog walkers (and others) are asked to keep a look out for two sets of missing keys. Both have been lost on paths near the village.
The first set : this was lost by a villager whilst walking a friend’s dog between Claremont Lane  and along the private bridleway to Ashbrook Farm.  The set comprises three  gold mortice keys on a turquoise blue ‘monkey’s fist’ tag, unmarked of course. If these keys are found please phone 0777 981 0999.
The second set:  this was lost on Mains Lane, somewhere between  the Knaresborough Road end to just past Milner Hill Farm. The key is attached to a brown leather tag. If you have found it please call  01765 677405. 
(Editor's note: pleae notidfy me if and when keys are found so I can remove this notice).
350 'hits' on website
The news of Jonathan Singh's resignation from his role as priest at St. John Baptist Parish Church created widespread interest - and sadness. This website has already received 350 'hits'  on the page making the announcement.
Parish Council audit
The Auditor's report of the Parish Council’s accounts for the last financial year  shows them to be shipshape and in good order. 
To view report go to PARISH COUNCIL/Auditor's report.

The latest column
is coming soon

Visit by refugees
A number of Syrian refugees and asylum seekers are coming to  Ripon on Saturday, September 24.
A team from Ripon City of Sanctuary are providing lunch and various events are planned for the men, women and children who are coming. 
The group has already recruited a good number of helpers, meeters and greeters,  cooks, table layers and people to accompany the families round but  more helpers are still needed. Help is most needed between 12 noon and 1pm and between 3 and 4pm.
If you could help please contact Rory Richold - tel. 07795 632730 - e-mail:

Auction date set
The ever-popular Autumn Auction will held at the Lamb & Flag on Sunday, October 16. It promises to be as good as ever and the organisers hope for an even bigger turn-out this year. Get the date in your diary now!
The proceeds are always spent on a worthwhile village venture, such as the provision of hand dryers, benches around the playing fields, etc. as has occurred in previous years  This year the proceeds will go towards on-ging improvements to the Village Hall security.

Does anyone deserve
to win an Oscar?

Do you know anyone in Bishop Monkton who deserves to be nominated for a Volunteering Oscar?
This is the ninth year these Oscars have been awarded in Harrogate Borough Council area, and if you know anyone who has done a lot of active voluntary work in the village why not nominate them?
You could either mention their name to a member of Bishop Monkton Parish Council or you could nominate the person yourself by going on line at or you could phone 01423 540541 and a paper form will be sent to you. Completed forms must be returned before Monday, October 10

Super Wednesday

Members of Bishop Monkton Croquet Club took part in Super Wednesday this week. This involved almost 12 hours of croquet and croquet-related activities.
The day included a match spread across six lawns, the AGM in the afternoon, and a supper and presentation awards in the evening.
Quite a day for croquet enthusiasts!
Yorkshire Champions 
Bishop Monkton Croquet Club's team in the Level Play League are Yorkshire champions this year. The success came after the team overwhelmed Sheffield U3A, the previous League leaders, by 16-4. 

Any budding
authors out there?

Malcolm Mcawthra has written to us to say he has seen reference on this website to a booklet entitled Monkton Matters  and wonders if it is still available. 
We have replied saying that the booklet was produced in July 1988 by the now defunct Village Conservation Society with quite a small print run and now quite rare and hard to find. 
Maybe time for someone to write an updated book about Bishop Monkton. Any volunteers?

The last word


Coming your way

There are few villages of the size of Bishop Monkton offering so many activities to take part in, and so many organisations providing such a diversity of  leisure opportunities.
You only need to turn on this site to ORGANISATIONS/full list or look at the back page of the Parish Magazine to confirm this. At the last count we have 29  active groups or organisations.
Now we are planning or considering starting even more . These are:

A boules club. There are plans to get this started next year.  Watch out for annuncements on this website.

A skittles group
 We are asking you to tell us whether you'd consider playing this indoor sport or even joining a club if one is formed.  Please contact Lesley Shervington at 677564 or to let her know how you feel about this idea.

A Gardening or Horticultural group
. Another interesting idea. If you might be interested in this please contact Colin or Glenda Hunter on 676795 or
Already six villagers have responded positively.

A Local History or Village Conservation Group
. Already several villagers have expressed enthusiasm for this idea. The plan would be to do more village research,  create records of major past and present local events, perhaps carry out interviews with older residents so we have an audio or video record about their lives and memories, and lots more.  If interested, please contact Richard Field on 677795 or

We need to know what you think about these ideas and which of them you might (only might!) get involved in.  

In FEEDBACK you can read reactions to this and earlier queries.  

Have you got a (very brief) comment on a current issue, a niggle or a query? If so, send it for publication in FEEDBACK.


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