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Well done, Tom!

YOUNG ACHIEVER Tom Oates receives a 'thank you' from Henshaw's Specialist College, Knaresborough, after handing over a whopping cheque for £1,778.20 to help purchase the Motomed bike also shown in the picture. Tom raised the money by running 10k in the recent charity run at Melmerby. He would like to thank all those who supported him through sponsorship and in other ways.


Showing the flag

This Bishop Monkton St George's flag made specially for the occasion was displayed at England's first Euro 2016 match against Russia in Marseille.  This picture was taken inside the ground before kick off with the flag proudly held up by Carole Walton and David Lewis.  Let's hope they have a chance to display it again as England progress through the tournament!

We have chosen this as our Photo of the Month. Go to PICTURES/Picture of the Month.


Have we won, Dad?

FAMILY FUN at Saturday's Vicarage Garden Party. Ed Forsythe and family - Sam, Isobelle, Rosie and Alice - try their luck on the tombola stand. Lending a hand is Anthea Ebbutt who was in charge while Sheila Kindon was taking a short break enjoying a cup of tea and a delicious scone topped with strawberries and cream.

For more pictures go now to PARISH CHURCH/Garden party.


When was this picture taken?

THE LAMB & FLAG is at the centre of this old picture of Bishop Monkton. See which houses you can recognise and which are yet to be built.  Can anyone put a date on it?

Go to VILLAGE ARCHIVE and see if you can answer the questions we have set.


Coming soon: a chance to play boules

COMING SOON:  It has been agreed to add boules (petanque) to the range of sports played on Bishop Monkton Queen Elizabeth 11 Field. Plans are now being finalised to create a court near to the croquet lawns.

For more BM&PF Committee decisions go to NEWS/On le boule.


Hundreds of artefacts found at 1943 crash site

THIS BOMB RELEASE MECHANISM was among hundreds of items found at the site where Sgt Reginald Renton's plane crashed in Germany in 1943. Only recently was the site identified after 70 years with the family knowing little or nothing about the airman's fate.  Some of the items found at the site will be returned to members of the Renton family at a special Remembrance Day service which is being organised at Bishop Monkton Parish Church on November 13. Erik Wieman, the leader of the search group, is hoping to travel over from Germany to attend the ceremony. Later is is planned to erect a memorial stone at the crash site in Germany.

Go to NEWS/air crash update.


Good riddance to potholes 

AT LAST:  Scores of potholes which have angered motorists for months are slowly disappearing under a repair scheme which is being carried out, and now nearing completion, on roads around Bishop Monkton. This picture shows workmen repairing a bad patch on the Boroughbridge Road on Friday. Work will continue on this road for four days. Good riddance to the potholes, we say!

Watch for diversion signs.


Five little piggies ...

click here to watch them racing

For more videos go to HOG ROAST 2016/Hog Roast videos


Got a head for    this game?

A NEW GAME for the Village Hall? Perhaps not but it's fun to watch!



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  • Support for Tom

    Youngsters from the Methodist Youth Club raised £200 to support Tom Oates's charity run at Melmerby on May 29.  Peter and Jane Taplin are also supporting Tom by donating the proceeds from opening their model railway to the public on Bank Holiday Monday.  

  • Postbox on the move

    The old postbox, which has stood outside the village shop for many years, has now been removed leaving the way clear for re-building work on the site. The good news is that the postbox will be re-sited in the village at a site yet to be agreed but possibly near the Christmas tree so still nice and central.  

  • New Parish Council team

    The newly-formed Parish Council, including four new councillors, held its first meeting at the Methodist Schoolroom on May 16.  Since there were just four nominations for the four vacant places no vote was needed this time round.

  • Clerk for 44 years

    Margaret Lodge receiving a retirement presentation from Mervyn Beecroft, retiring Chairman of the Parish Council. Margaret, who had completed 44 years service as Clerk to the Council, received a beautiful antique aquamarine brooch, a bouquet of flowers and a framed photo.  

  • Transit of Mercury

    This amazing image, captured by our Backyard astronomer Chris Higgins, shows Mercury starting its transit of the Sun then its position roughly every 15 minutes after that. When viewed in higher resolution, you can see lots of  the Sun’s surface features. 

  • Archery at school

    Our Village School not only excels academically but also at sport. The school recently formed a boxing club and now it has started archery, as you can see from the above photo. Both new activities are proving popular. 

  • Sad farewell for Marty

    A sad farewell, Marty, who has been a puppy in the charge of Maureen and Andrew Kinnear for the past year, has just left them on the next stage of becoming a guide dog to the blind. This is the saddest part of what I do, says Maureen. The picture is the latest in our Wildlife/pet series. 

  • Thanks for Marathon help

    London Marathon duo, Emma Oates and David Arundell, wearing their finisher tee-shirts and showing off their medals, dropped  in to thank members of Bishop Monkton Keep Fit Group for making donations to support each of the runners' charities. 

  • New air crash findings

    Exciting new finds have been made at the recently discovered site where Sgt. Reginald Renton's plane crashed in Germany in 1943.  Our contact, Erik Wieman, who is part of the search team, has sent us the latest news from the crash site. All details of findings are being fed back to members of Sgt Renton's family. 

  • £443 from coffee morning

    A Saturday coffee morning at the Village Hall raiswesd £443 funds to help stage the Village Produce Show to be held at the Village Hall on September 4. Apart from trhis plant stall there were others selling cakes, bric-a-brac and books. Organiser Chris Procter was delighted with the result achieved.


Looking for
the village's
best garden

The closing date for the "best flower garden" and "best vegetable garden" competitions  is 6pm on Monday, July 4.
Judging will take place between July 16 and 24

For full details go tor PRODUCE SHOW 2016.

Cricket Club issues
urgent plea

Does anyone want a game of cricket on Saturday for Bishop Monkton?
Loads of the club's players are away this week and the club is struggling to put a side out. 
In the last 30 years the club has never had to concede a game before and they don't want to start now.
If you can help call Jim Hutchinson on 07929564347.
Re-united after
over 40 years

Bishop Monkton Croquet Club members went to play The Fylde CC in a croquet away weekend which might never had taken place had it not been for a letter John Hague wrote to The Oldie magazine.
The letter was read by Ed James, a member of the Flyde CC, who saw the name and wondered if it could possibility be the same John Hague he knew while both were working together for BT over 40 years ago.
It was, and for the rest of the story go to CROQUET/Club news to read what resulted from that chance reading of a letter to The Oldie magazine.

More successes
Dave Widdison, a member of Bishop Monkton Croquet Vlub,  lost in the final of The Scottish Open Golf Croquet Tournament  last weekend and won the Pendle and Craven Open this weekend. The latter is part of a series of seven National 'A' level competitions of which Dave has won the two he has entered.
In the Scottish he was the only player who hadn't represented his country. Dave wasn't daunted by overhearing such conversations as   ''When I competed in Geneva the other week....." and " At the world championships in Cairo'. So watch this space!
Go to CROQUET CLUB/Club news

Boost for tennis
Finding good weather for Bishop Monkton Tennis Club's Open Day was difficult but all met on Thursday, June 2 and enjoyed good social tennis, tasty BBQ food and lots of Pimm's!
Some new members signed up and others expressed an interest. It was pleasing to see younger tennis players enjoying themselves.
For more go to TENNIS/Open Day.
Memories of
Muhammad Ali

Richard Field, while working as young journalist in America, met an equally young Cassius Clay (who later became Muhammad Ali) when he returned to his home town of Lousiville, Kentucky, as a Gold Medal winner in the Olympics. Ali,  who went on to become recognised as the greatest boxer of all time, died recently.
But Muhammad Ali was not the only super star Richard ran across in his early career.
Earlier, while working in Massachusetts, Richard met John F. Kennedy while campaigning for state office before going on to become the American President (with Richard later reporting reaction to the President's death from England for American newspapers).
During those years Richard also met and interviewed a number of other great personalities of that age including the philosopher Bertrand (later Lord) Russell (in London),  the glittering showman Liberace (in Las Vegas), the author and poet W. H. Auden, the earlier movie sex symbol Jane Russell (in California) and many others.
But, says Richard, it was only Cassius who could fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

Ready for an

 A new defibrillator has been installed on the front wall of the Village Hall. Soon it will be ready to use if anyone at the Village Hall or on the playing fields suffers a heart attack.
Already most groups which regularly make use of the hall or playing fields have put forward some 50 volunteers who will soon be trained in how to use the equipment if and when it is needed.
Volunteers can expect to be contacted soon to advise them when they will undergo training which will be provided by Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

£700 for charity

Bishop Monkton villagers and members of the Croquet and Table Tennis Clubs who visited the lovely Himalayan Gardens on May 31, will be pleased to hear that the event raised £700 for Yorkshire Cancer Research.
Derek Jeary, organiser of the visit, says he plans to arrange a return visit in 2018!

Hazel comes home
The other day we appealed to villagers to keep a lookout for a little cat named Hazel who was missing from hoime. We are now pleased to report that she has returned home.
She was very skinny and sorry for herself but is now home again  safe and sound.  
Her  owners are delighted and want to thank everyone  for keeping an eye out for her. Goodness knows where she had been for the past few days!  

Welcome back!

Chris Higgins
, our Backyard Astronomer, spends a lot of time looking up at the sky. Tim Peake, our British astronaut, has for the past six months spent a lot of time looking down at earth as he has orbited it 3,000 times aboard the International Space Station. Tim is coming down to earth on June 18th. Read about his return in Chris's latest column.
Go to ASTRONOMY column/June.

Police crackdown
on vandals

Police have been made aware of vandalism to facilities and equipment at the Village Hall and playing fields and the Committee now plans to install CCTV to keep surveillance of the entire area.  Any perpetrators identified will be prosecuted.
In future Police will be making regular random visits to check the situation. 


Over £1,000 raised 

The good people of Bishop Monkton donated £1,018.11 to Christian Aid during its recent house-to-house collection around the village.
A warm vote of thanks goes to all those from the two churches who helped with the collection and to all who contributed.
Special thanks goes to Naomi Waddington for arranging the collection and to George Jennings who acted as
We know that Christian Aid will ensure that this money will help others in different parts of the world whose lives are a constant struggle.

Clothes wanted for asylum seekers              
Throughout the summer clothes will be collected to support refugees and asylum seekers.
Summer clothes, underwear and shoes in good condition are now needed as are children’s buggies.
If you have any contributions to make please leave at the Methodist Church on Tuesday or Sunday mornings
or take to Dransfield House, Main Street.
A letter of thanks has been received  for the contributions given up to date.

The Last Word:
Have they forgotten
this bit?

Villagers are wondering if the team working on filling in the potholes on roads around Bishop Monkton have forgotten Moor Road which has some of the worst bone-shakers of all, especially near the crossroads.
The work on this road started on June 16 and should have been finished in four days, according to the signs. But by yesterday the work had not been started and one of the signs had been taken down so we hope it is just a glitch and that the repairs will be undertaken quite soon.
Apart from this the pothole filling operation has been carried out very efficiently and effectively.  Certainly there will be fewer damaged suspensions on our cars!

In FEEDBACK you can read reactions to this and earlier queries.  

Have you got a (very brief) comment on a current issue, a niggle or a query? If so, send it for publication in FEEDBASCK.


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